FlexCourt products deliver superior shock absorption and durability.

One of the best things about FlexCourt products is their extreme durability and low maintenance care. Our locking system incorporates a surface expansion technology that produces the best surface performance in every climate condition. Wind, rain, heat, ice, and snow, our courts are built to last. They also drain extremely well so even if you experience weather, you’ll be back out playing as soon as it’s over. FlexCourt sport tiles are also engineered so that the understructure provides superior shock absorption and added safety during play. The tile support structure uses our proven suspension technology to produce the highest FleXion rating in the industry.

What outdoor sport tile options does FlexCourt offer?

FlexCourt outdoor sports tiles help you extend your playing time and comfort by eliminating much of the jarring impact inherent in hard surface courts. Both options have the highest level of shock-absorption and FleXion rating to bring you the ultimate level of sports performance for basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey and more. Take a look at our two tile options to discover key benefits and uses of each. Our team is also available to help you discover the benefits of each outdoor sports tile.

green pro step surfaceProStep

red softstep surfaceSoftStep

How many indoor flooring options are available through FlexCourt?

Indoors our courts also just as safe on your joints as the outdoor courts. Indoor floors and courts are installed over a 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm rubber pad that immediately creates vertical forgiveness to help reduce strain on joints. Our flooring options with FleXshield™ coating are extremely scratch and scuff resistant, tougher than most, have a longer life cycle, and cannot be damaged by moisture or water. Check out our indoor flooring solutions to discover specific benefits of each. Our team is ready to design custom floor solutions for you.

IndoorChoice™ & IndoorPrime™




What other products does FlexCourt offer?

FlexCourt delivers everything you need in residential and commercial court systems. From sports nets and rebounder systems to ball containment and court lighting, we are your one-stop-shop for everything you need to design the court, gym, exercise room or rec room of your dreams.  Take a look at the many court accessories available.

Are FlexCourt floors and courts eco-friendly?

FlexCourt products are made from highest-grade virgin polypropylene in our manufacturing processes, which is all 100% recyclable.

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