Indoor Court Flooring


with UV FleXshield

Why Choose IndoorChoice™ or IndoorPrime™?

IndoorChoice and IndoorPrime transform spaces within your home or commercial facility into gyms, basketball courts, tennis courts, futsal courts or roller/hockey rinks. Ideal for non-sports activities in basement or rec room – especially with water issue areas like around pools, on decks or patios, and in kennels. Both provide improved structural strength and surface rigidity. IndoorPrime has UV FleXshield factory-applied and UV cured coating for a longer life cycle.



Key benefits:

Vertical & Lateral Forgiveness
¾” thick shock absorbing pad reduces
fatigue and strain on joints

Little to no maintenance
clean with just mop and broom

No wax finish
reduces marks, including skid marks

Easy to Install
installs quickly over existing/new surfaces

Extremely durable
stronger than all synthetic surfaces
in the industry

highest ratio in the market

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
on non-coated tiles

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
on UV FleXshield coated tiles

What do IndoorChoice and IndoorPrime floors feel like?

These floors have the playability and feel of hardwood without the hardwood price, including vertical and lateral forgiveness for players.

How well do IndoorChoice and IndoorPrime floors hold up?

IndoorChoice has a 4mm thick top surface. IndoorPrime with UV FleXshield has the same thick top surface, plus the factory-applied and UV cured coating making surface extremely scratch and scuff resistant.

What color options are available?

FlexCourt® IndoorChoice and IndoorPrime come in 20 standard colors. Talk to us about your favorite color combinations. We can create customized designs and logos for your courts.

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