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Affordable FlexCourt® Indoor Floors Transform Your Home

Say hello to an extreme home makeover. After one week with a FlexCourt® Indoor floor, you’ll be asking yourself what took you so long. Here are just a few points that our homeowners have told us they love about their FlexCourt Indoor floors.

Easy to install
a great DIY project

Little to no maintenance
clean with just mop and broom

Extremely durable
stronger than all synthetic surfaces in the industry

No wax finish
reduces marks, including skid marks

Reduces noise
thickest flooring in the industry

Virtually seamless
connectors are precision tight

No risk of mildew or bacteria backup

Our team is ready to help your FlexCourt Indoor floor blend seamlessly into your current home and décor. We’ll help you select floor type, choose colors, decide on the best layout and guide you through installation. Professional installation as well as DIY instructions are available.

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