EliteStep Pickleball Tiles

Join America’s Fastest Growing Sport with FlexCourt!

Take your pickleball game outdoors with EliteStep™, the largest, most joint-forgiving tile on the market from FlexCourt®. These brand-new outdoor tiles are 40% larger than our competitors’, making them the largest in the industry! Plus, our specially engineered texture offers enhanced traction, playability, and reduced stress on joints — extend your playing time with unparalleled horizontal and lateral forgiveness! EliteStep™ includes a market-leading UV resistance package and drains quickly, making it perfect for all seasons with little to no maintenance.

What makes our pickleball courts the best?

  • Largest, most forgiving court on the market — 40% larger tiles than our competitor
  • Enhanced traction for safety with textured court, playability, safety, cushion to extend court time, and horizontal/lateral forgiveness
  • Reduced stress in joints
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Market-leading UV resistance package
Elite Courts for Elite Players
pix pickleball gear

Now Partnering with Pix Sports Gear!

FlexCourt is proud to partner with PIX Sports Gear to elevate your pickleball game to all-new levels. With a selection of high-performance paddles — plus hats and backpacks — combined with the revolutionary EliteStep tiles, players of all skill levels can experience unparalleled quality, durability and performance.

Use promo code FLEXURPIX and get 25% off your first purchase of PixSports gear!

Color Choices

FlexCourt Outdoor courts come in 21 standard colors, and custom colors are available. We can also create custom designs and logos for your court.

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