Flex Court teamed up with NBC to provide flooring for their new show STRONG.  This is a competition show like no other.  Hosted by Professional Volleyball player and Fitness Expert Gabrielle Reece, ten women are teamed up with 10 of the most elite male fitness trainers in the nation to help the contestants embark on a transformative journey to reach their full potential.

In every episode, each two-person team will train together and test the limits of their abilities against challenging obstacles.  Each week one team will be eliminated, and like other weight loss shows, their transformation will be shown at the end of the episode.  The team who makes it through all the challenges will win a cash prize of $500,000.

Find out what is means to be STRONG  4/14/16 at 9/8 cst.


“STRONG” is produced by 25/7 Productions in association with Sony Picture Television

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