From working on your volley to blasting backhands across the net, FlexCourt tennis courts are a great choice for upping your game of tennis at home or in your backyard. With excellent ball bounce and play that resembles a clay court, you’ll quickly see that everyone in your family – no matter what their level of play – will enjoy being outside on the court. FlexCourt tennis courts are an ideal surface to work on skills, increase speed, and perfect moves to use against your fiercest competitors. Plus, all FlexCourt tennis courts follow IFT and USTA guidelines earning them a category 5 fast-pace, high-performance surface rating. End your search and start building your dream tennis court today.

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Is a FlexCourt tennis court right for me?

FlexCourt tennis courts are ideal for both recreational and professional tennis players. One of the biggest advantages of a FlexCourt tennis court is how they help lessen the impact tennis can have on a player’s lower back, knees and ankles. That’s because FlexCourt tennis courts were engineered with the help of orthopedic surgeons to ensure that they had the best grip and shock-absorbing ratios in their class. Each tile of our interlocking modular tennis courts features FleXion and TraXion technologies to provide players with an exceptional feel and performance experience.  Simply put, you and your growing tennis players can train harder and play longer on a FlexCourt tennis court. Here are some other key advantages you’ll quickly realize with our tennis courts:

serena williams playing tennis on flex court tennis court

  • Fast and easy DIY installation (professional installation also available)
  • All-weather surface for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Quick drying and fast draining systems
  • Cooler to play on with low heat radiation tiles
  • 16-year limited warranty
  • 18 different colors and multiple layout options

 How fast can I get back on the tennis court after it rains?

Because FlexCourt tennis courts are an all-weather surface that can drain quickly (no water accumulation or hazardous puddles), you’ll be back slamming serves within minutes of the rain and snow stopping. This also makes our tennis courts extremely simple to clean with a hose or power washer. Spray it off, then get right back out and play.

How are FlexCourt tennis courts different than other modular tennis court tiles?

Over 40 years ago, FlexCourt tennis tiles were designed with the thought that we could create a surface that provided lateral and vertical forgiveness as well as similar playability to a clay tennis court. The TraXion that was engineered delivered just that. We’re proud to say that our ProStep™ tennis courts play very similar to a clay court with the sure footing of an asphalt court.  But our courts also offer tennis players and athletes with another unique advantage. FlexCourt tennis courts are the only modular court surface that is ITF Class 4 Rated and has a medium/fast paced ball and medium/high ball bounce.  Whether you are practicing for a competitive tennis match or just hitting a ball around, FlexCourt tennis courts are unmatched by any other modular court surface when it comes to tennis play. We were one of the first to introduce modular game courts 40 years ago, and we continue to lead the modular tennis court world today.

Do you offer a 10 and Under Tennis court option?

Of course! 10 and Under Tennis is a fantastic way to introduce players that are typically under the age of ten years old to the game. FlexCourt offers a high-performance 10 and Under Tennis courts at 36’ long for very young players or 60’ long intermediate youths. These courts are built with FlexCourt premium tiles which are specifically engineered to reduce instances of sports-related injury by offering traction and lower impact forces.

side by side images of flex court tennis courts

Can I choose the colors and design for my tennis court?

Absolutely! FlexCourt offers you 18 different tile colors and several tennis court layouts or multi-sport designs to choose from. We also offer custom court layouts and can print logos or custom designs right on your court. You can also choose to have your tennis court inside your home if you have the space. From our Indoor Flooring non-coated, economy tile IndoorChoice™ to our premium performance UV FleXshield™ coated tiles, IndoorPrime™ and HardwoodPrime™. Browse our gallery of tennis courts and get inspired for yours or use our Custom Court Builder!

Can I install a FlexCourt tennis court go over an existing surface?

Installation is as simple as saying, “Game, Set, Match!” even if you are resurfacing an existing court or surface. Our interlocking tiles simply snap into place over a concrete surface. You can install our outdoor tennis courts in a matter of hours with the help of a few friends – making this an easy DIY project – or leave it to the professionals and let them install it for you.

side by side before and after image of flex court tennis court installation

Can I play other sports on my tennis court?

Our game court tiles are perfect for many recreational sports. As far as layouts though, our tennis courts come in a standalone court layout as well as a multi-sport layout. Check out our court layouts to see all the game court options and combinations available.

Does FlexCourt offer any accessories for tennis courts?

FlexCourt offers the complete package for tennis courts. This includes perimeter fencing at 5’ – 10’ high, steel reinforced concrete pads, tennis net systems with posts and lighting systems. All you have to do is supply the tennis racquets and balls! Check out our court accessories.

before and after of flex court tennis court installation

Does FlexCourt offer a warranty for tennis courts?

All FlexCourt outdoor court surfaces come with a limited 16-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, and we build our tennis courts to stand up against use and weather conditions. Most FlexCourt tennis courts will have a life expectancy of 30+ years, depending on use, so the cost of maintenance throughout its lifespan is significantly less than that of a traditional clay or hard-court surface.

How do I clean a FlexCourt tennis court?

Let your hose do the work! All FlexCourt surfaces are made of quick draining, fast drying, interlocking tiles. That means simple, worry-free maintenance and cleaning.

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