Picklebasel Fuses Love of Pickleball & Art

Picklebasel Fuses Love of Pickleball & Art
December 15, 2023 mcdmarketing

From design to installation, our indoor and outdoor courts are truly works of art. So, why not showcase our patented tiles in one of America’s trendiest and stylish neighborhoods?

FlexCourt put its design skills to the test earlier this month, partnering with Break the Love, Ace Pickleball Club and French artist JR to host Picklebasel on Saturday, Dec. 9, at Jungle Plaza in Miami’s Design District. Billed as the “fusion of design and art” by Breathe Miami, this pop-up event offered a chance for local pickleball enthusiasts to gather over live music, food and drinks, and of course, pickleball.

The EliteStep tiles from FlexCourt provided a perfect surface for pickleball players to play test the joint friendly playing surface and new equipment and receive tips from Ace staffers. FlexCourt is also thrilled to share the love of pickleball with the entire community beyond this one-day event, donating the courts used during Picklebasel to local organizations for area women and youth.

Check out these photos from Picklebasel and get a quote on your own personal pickleball court from FlexCourt.