FlexCourt built the world’s first high-performance modular court because we saw something no one else did.

We saw that any backyard could be turned into a sports arena, and that game courts could be a safe place for families and communities to come together. So, we set out to make every player feel like a starter. Over forty years later, FlexCourt continues to do just that. We’ve installed thousands of courts in private backyards and for big-named athletes. We encourage teamwork and a love for playing sports at every age. We promote fitness and healthy living no matter what level you play. And we’re helping families realize that the lessons learned on the court carry with them in life, too. In homes, at schools, in communities or at sporting events, FlexCourt does more than build champions. We bring people together.


Customer Stories

We are very pleased with the overall service we received throughout the entire sales process with our FlexCourt. The most critical part, the installation, was amazing to watch. Your installation team was very professional, courteous, engaging and respectful. They also installed the court quickly and precisely. They obviously have a great process and understand how to work through unexpected situations because they have so much experience installing the courts. We have played tennis and bas…
Greg KiteCEOConsolo Services Group Lexington, KY

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