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All integrated manufacturing steps, including injection molding – performed in our plant. 40+ years custom-designing & building courts for the best performance.

Safe, Fun Family Bonding & Communities Brought Together. Our modular, easy to install snap-together flooring is ideal for creating great spaces for pickup games with friends at home or training centers for developing athletes. FlexCourt surfaces offer high shock absorption properties to reduce stress and strain on joints and risk of serious injury from falls. We’ve installed thousands of courts where teamwork is learned and a love for playing sports at every age is acquired. FlexCourt does more than build champions – we build memories.

  • The FlexCourt tennis court surface is a totally fantastic court surface in every aspect of playing the game of tennis, as well as, maintaining a tennis court surface. The FlexCourt court surface was installed 15 years ago at 6,000 feet elevation in the Rockies, simply because we needed a low-maintenance tennis court surface that would hold up against the very harsh four-season-climate here.

    Never would I have dreamed about its tremendous performance. We have strong Winters, and VERY high UV sun exposure in the Summer, and NEVER had any problems with the surface. It is still like new 15 years later. Besides using a vacuum cleaner every now and then, there is the no-maintenance advantage for FlexCourt…use a blower and then just play, play and play. We host a tennis tournament every year in August sponsored by Wilson Tennis. Everyone loves the court surface. We have to turn away players every year due to a full field. The surface temperature is much lower from reduced heat radiation and it is absolutely great for the legs. It plays like a clay court.

    My highest recommendations to any tennis club or home court owner looking for a maintenance free court with a fantastic comfort to play on.

    Stein Erikson

Dream of Owning Your Own Court,
a New Garage or Home Gym Floor?

Let’s Build It.

20′ x 25′

Half-court narrow with basketball hoop

30′ x 30′

Half-court basketball, with light and basketball hoop

30′ x 50′

Half-court basketball and full tennis court with 1 basketball hoop and lighting

50′ x 80′

Full length narrow court with 2 basketball hoops

60′ x 120′

Full size, multi-game court, with fencing and lighting