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Join America’s Fastest Growing Sport with FlexCourt!

Take your pickleball game outdoors with the largest, most joint forgiving tile on the market from FlexCourt. These brand-new tiles engineered specifically for pickleball offer superior traction and safety while providing less stress on your joints. Best of all, they’re perfect for all seasons with little to no maintenance required!

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  • I can’t tell you how happy I am that I now own a FlexCourt pickleball court. What an addition to my home!

    It is a wonderful focal point for family and friends. What at first seemed an impossible dream became a reality with the help of my very professional consultant, and the affordability of FlexCourt. I love playing all racquet sports, and the multi-sport net system allows us to play pickleball, volleyball and badminton.

    I’m on vacation at home. Thank you FlexCourt.

    Chris Monanteras

Dream of Owning Your Own Court,
a New Garage or Home Gym Floor?

Let’s Build It.

20′ x 25′

Half-court narrow with basketball hoop

30′ x 30′

Half-court basketball, with light and basketball hoop

30′ x 50′

Half-court basketball and full tennis court with 1 basketball hoop and lighting

50′ x 80′

Full length narrow court with 2 basketball hoops

60′ x 120′

Full size, multi-game court, with fencing and lighting

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