Stein Erikson

The FLEX COURT Tennis Court Surface is a totally fantastic court surface in every aspect of playing the game of tennis, as well as, maintaining a tennis court surface. The FLEX COURT court surface was installed 15 years ago at 6,000 feet elevation in the Rockies, simply because we needed a low-maintenance tennis court surface that would hold up … Continued

Dell Pride

FLEX COURT is the tennis court of the future. An orthopaedic designed modular tennis court made of proprietary space age composite materials that create a shock absorbing effect for players of all ages. There is a proven reduction of body shock up to 50%, which means twice the playing time on the tennis court. FLEX COURT also … Continued

Shola Adeyemo

Thank you for the delivery of our new Flex Court Tennis Courts for 3 courts at Abuja Hilton Hotel in Lagos Nigeria. So simple to order this overlay surface from halfway around the world. The installation was easy and straightforward. The seamless design is perfect! Our guests absolutely love playing on the Flex Court Tennis … Continued


Helmut Huttenmayer

We were a little unsure about the process to install a new Flex Court Tennis Court overlay on top of our existing court, but the concept and cost savings against demolishing our court seemed too good to pass up. The live consultation we received from Flex Court head office was superb from start to finish. … Continued

Pickleball Court

Chris Monanteras

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I now own a Flex Court pickleball court. What an addition to my home! It is a wonderful focal point for family and friends. What at first seemed an impossible dream became a reality with the help of my very professional consultant Christie Wilson, and the … Continued

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