I had a FlexCourt Game Court installed in my backyard in the Summer of 2003 and have been very pleased with its performance.

I decided to go with FlexCourt after a great deal of research and concluded that this product had several characteristics that made it far superior to what is available in the market. FlexCourt has a ¾” high tile which is more flexible and provides more cushion and bounce than other tile surfaces. The extra height also helps with faster drainage. Another big plus is the expansion joints the FlexCourt company builds into their tile design so that the surface does not buckle when the temperatures increase outdoors.

The FlexCourt installers who put down my court said they used to install other tiles and mentioned to me that on several occasions they had a great deal of problems with the Mateflex and Sport Court tiles buckling during the heat of the day.

In all, I really like the FlexCourt Tile Product and as an educated consumer who did a great deal of research into this product before its purchase, I recommend FlexCourt to anyone searching for a Game Court Tile Product.

Jay H. SilversPresidentExpo Laminating Services, Inc.Northbrook, IL

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