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Cindy Frenchman

Cindy Frenchman
February 24, 2020 lcolombe

When our “gated” community’s aging asphalt tennis courts became unplayable, I joined a small tennis committee to find a solution. As an avid tennis player, I wanted to be sure that we chose a low-maintenance, long-lasting, forgiving surface that our community would like. I found FlexCourt, and the rep met with us to come up with the right solution. We played on different types of courts to make our final decision and were most impressed with FlexCourt.

I was amazed by what a great surface it is. It is easy on knees, has a lively bounce and plays pretty fast. It also dries very quickly because the rain falls through the grid. They were able lay the tiles right over our old courts. My picky friends choose to play here rather than on turf courts or hard courts where they normally play.

So thank you FlexCourt; I am so glad I discovered you!