Outdoor multi-sport courts to your favorite indoor rooms

We all have that space we dream of doing something different with in our house. It might be an empty corner in your backyard, a basement that is begging for some TLC, the home gym you always wanted, or a garage that needs a new floor. Whatever your situation, before you spend thousands on landscaping, hardwood floors and resurfacing, check out what Flex Court can do for you.

Are Flex Court multi-sport courts worth with the investment?

Absolutely, and then some! As a company, we work to bring you more than a superior product. We want your family to truly enjoy and reap the rewards of having your own high-performance court. So, here’s what you get with our courts (beyond premium tiles). Your family will have opportunities to bond, get outside, exercise and play. Your kids will have a safe place they can bring their friends and learn important life skills like teamwork, sportsmanship, social skills and health living. Your athletes will be able to practice longer because our surfaces provide extra support to the joints and lower back to prevent injuries. You’ll have an outlet to reduce stress and get rid of excess energy. And those are just a few of the top benefits our courts offer. We also have the best price to performance ratio, and our customer service is out of this world. So yes, without a doubt, our multi-sport courts are well worth the investment.

How will a Flex Court floor save me money?

Flex Court floors and courts require little to no maintenance. You just clean it with a mop and a broom. They also can’t be damaged by water or moisture, and are engineered to be extremely durable. All Flex Court floors come with a 10+ year manufacture warranty, but in reality, our courts and floors can last much longer than that. Plus, if there ever is damage, it’s easy to repair and you can do it yourself.

Does Flex Court have any financing options?

Flex Court offers financing for residential customers through Synchrony Financial. You can finance your project at very low rates for up to 79 months. We also offer 0% deferred interest for 6-months.

I like DIY projects. Can I install a Flex Court floor on my own?

Absolutely. DIY lovers find our product extremely easy to use. The tiles interlock together, and we provide you with clear instructions on how to retrofit your new Flex Court tiles over your exiting surface and assemble your tiles together. Of course, we have professionals that will do all the work for you, too. Just let us know your preference, and we’ll get you set up to go.

Are Flex Court floors noisy?

Thanks to it being the thickest surface in its class, Flex court tiles are extremely effective at reducing noise. That’s a huge plus for rec rooms, sport courts and more!

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