Flex Court

In 1971 we built the world’s first state of the art modular court because we saw something no one else did. We saw a state of the art court can be a safe place for families to bond and friendships to blossom. We saw a game court could turn any backyard into an arena, and we can make your family feel like they are the start players on the team. We also create an environment in your entire home that’s exciting for children and their friends to compete and keep them away from dangerous public places, giving parents piece of mind. For us, it’s about way more than our product: it’s about bringing people together.

Design and Installation

Flex Court also offers full turnkey solutions with installation services either factory direct, or through one of our Certified Dealers. Our In-house design services are highly professional, for anywhere we don’t have a local dealer. For resurfacing jobs, we offer surface repair as needed, in addition to the installation of the new court surface.

We offer full scale Installation by a certified dealer or our Factory Direct installation team. If your family wants to rally around the court and create family time, we also offer the best DIY court packages in the industry, which includes our off-site installation support on every DIY project. Meaning that if you run into a problem during the install, all you have to do is give us a call, or send us an email and we will ensure your court is completed so your family can enjoy their new indoor/outdoor arena.