Welcome to FlexCourt International, and thank you for your interest in our sport & recreation surface business opportunity! To give you a bit of background, the original FlexCourt sports tile started in Europe in 1980’s. In the past two decades, FlexCourt has successfully developed a resale distributor program in the world marketplace. Today, FlexCourt is synonymous with high quality all-weather outdoor cushioned, fast dry sports surface, indoor sports and recreational flooring and residential multi-game court systems.

Why Become a FlexCourt Dealer?

Becoming a FlexCourt distributor you gain access to a highly profitable business opportunity in the commercial and residential indoor and outdoor sports surfacing market. The overall sports and recreation market is very fluent today from residential backyard court customers to the commercial and professional arena. FlexCourt offers a highly profitable resale program involving design and installation of various multi-sports systems. The overall market includes, but not limited to; Residential Backyards, HOA’s, Condominiums and City Slickers Apartment Complexes to the Institutional and Municipal Parks & Recreation, Sports Complexes, Hotel & Resorts, and Fitness Industry, You receive a Certified FlexCourt Distributor profile on the FlexCourt website for immediate customer business contact .

Who is it for?

Becoming a FlexCourt dealer isn’t for everyone. Our existing dealers have entered into this business because they like the sports and recreation industry; their desire to run a brand name resale business is tied to establishing an area sales and service operation with effective long-term business profit results. This doesn’t mean that someone with an entrepreneurial spirit can’t do well. FlexCourt focus on successful distributors with proven business and financial track records that requires commitment and hard work. One of the nice things about FlexCourt’s offerings is that you don’t need to be an experienced contractor by trade to get the product on the ground, but have the ability and desire to design and sell our products with a full turnkey operation in place for both installations and after-sales service. Like most construction work our products require good, common sense to install them. We teach assembly and installation of all products step-by-step and provide an installation manual with instructions and illustrations. The key to good quality installations is demanding the best quality work from yourself or an installer of the product. Take the time to do a job well. Speed and increased skill will come with some time and practice. As a FlexCourt Distributor you will be assigned a territory (service area) with full responsibility for local advertising through, first and foremost, a local FlexCourt Distributor internet presence in place, along with a sales and installation service program. You need to have basic selling skills, marketing knowledge and a sound financial platform in place along with establishing a 5-year business plan to grow your Certified FlexCourt Distributorship. Your Distributorship will be assigned with a minimum annual purchase agreement (MAPA) based on territory sales and profit opportunity, This MAPA will go into effect immediately after signing a distributor agreement with FlexCourt International. The MAPA is based on territory population, per capita income, local economic market conditions, competitor presence and expected business growth rates, FlexCourt will offer volume purchase rebates to every distributor and encourage maintaining 30 days of annual expected sales volume in stock for faster delivery and services.

Launching Your Dealership

Getting your dealership successfully off the ground requires very basic tools and the knowledge to use them wisely. Your partnership with FlexCourt will give you everything you need not only to get started, but also to continue on through success after success. From our corporate classroom, on-site and webinar based sales and installation training services, full marketing material information on a secure dealer login page to our ongoing corporate website SEO, Social Media and Linking, we will give you a great start and you will be provided with a comprehensive dealer manual and DVD covering all phases of product knowledge, court design and construction. You are never left on your own to “wing it.” Another very important marketing, sale and service tool will be your local distributor website which is distributorship launch requirement to hit the ground running in your new business venture. If you already have an established business, adding sections (landing pages) about FlexCourt products and construction services is allowed. If you are a new or established business, the creation of a simple but good website with information about your business and the services and products you are offering is a must. A website is one of the first places that people look these days, and not having a website, or having a poor quality website can only hurt your business. As for purchasing products, most FlexCourt distributors order in advance while others choose to wait until they’ve made their first sale. When you’re ready to place your first order, give us a call. We’ll guide you through the processing system and ensure that your order contains all the necessary components for your first designs. Before your first order arrives, you’ll need to plan for delivery or storage. Many of our distributor orders are shipped directly to a customer site. For some distributors their garage is more than adequate for storing a court or two with components, others choose to rent storage space, or may already have a small warehouse operation. Once you get a feel for things, you’ll be able to decide what type of inventory management system is best and easiest for you. As a FlexCourt distributor you need to ensure you have service vehicles such as a van, truck or trailer right away. Larger court systems (e.g. tennis courts or gym floors) makes the most sense to drop-ship. As you discover what costs are involved and what you’re comfortable with, you’ll be able to make a good choice on what type delivery system is most appropriate for you. As you can see, one of the great things about launching a FlexCourt distributorship is that we don’t ever leave you out in the cold. We are your partner from the start, and we will continue to be your partner. So when you need advice on installation, on advertising, ordering, or shipping, we’ll be there to help. With FlexCourt, you’re never in this alone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me an overview of the startup for this business?
Can you give me an overview of the startup for this business? Yes. If you are starting from scratch, you’ll need to do basic business and market legwork: You need to have a registered business in place. You’ll also want to research and obtain appropriate insurance, business licenses, and so on. In some local service areas, you may even need a contractor’s license. If you are an international distributor, you have to have an import license and/or import brokers in place. Immediately learn your local market segments and their opportunities along with customer procurement processes, competitors, advertising resources, etc. These are some of the basic steps to set up most businesses. Once you get home the real work begins: We’ll help you get set up with your local internet-based advertising through our local distributor website guide. You may also have a showroom or demo court locations for product displays to prepare for to advertise your services. Whether you have an installation question or need advice on advertising opportunities, we’ll be happy to help you get established. Like most new businesses, it takes a reasonable time to get the word out about your new Flex Court distributorship and services. We expect no more than 90 days to get up to speed.
How much does it cost to start up?

Startup costs will vary depending upon your assigned territory size and what you may already have in place for staffing, advertising and capital equipment. You can expect these costs to range from $50,000 to $100,000

Why is this custom game court business so much less expensive to start than many other national franchises?

We are not a franchise! Flex Court International is offering a more cost-effective distributorship opportunity to market and install our products in combination with your existing business. Flex Court wanted to make it reasonably-priced for a smart business person to get into the custom game court business. You don’t have to manufacture the finished product from raw goods with us. We provide finished product from which you may customize the components for each and every design and client.

What kind of profit can I make?

Like most new businesses, don’t plan to get rich quickly. Our existing distributors have gone into this business because they like the products and services; and their profit goals are tied to establishing long-term, successful businesses to improve their bottom line.

Can I do this business by myself?

None of our Flex Court distributors are sole operators. At least a second person is required in your distributor business along with outside resources for construction and installation services. We will provide you with indicators at a certain point when you will need to add more staffing for admin, marketing, installation and sales.

Is the product difficult to install? Do I need to be an experienced contractor to do this well?

No. Like most small construction work our products require good, common sense skills to install them. Many of our new dealers have limited or no construction experience when they begin. We teach assembly and installation of all products step-by-step and provide an installation manual with instructions and illustrations. The key to good quality installations is demanding the best quality work from yourself or an installer of the product. Take the time to do a job well. Speed and increased skill will come with some time and practice

How do I know if I need a contractor’s license?

Every jurisdiction has different requirements regarding licensing for your distributor businesses. You need to contact your local government building department to ask about these requirements. In most cases, building construction is overseen and regulated at the state level. And while most of us think of game courts as minor construction work many state building departments have a different perspective. Contact your local authorities to see how this may apply to you.

Is the training seminar mandatory?

Yes! There is no chance for success in your new distributorship if you and your staff don’t have the base Flex Court product, sales and installation knowledge. Flex Court offers training both online and on-site to help you become a successful Flex Court distributor from the start. The on-site training is exceptionally valuable. Our corporate team will offer free training plus travel cost to your location or you may send your team to our corporate location for a 3-5 day classroom and field training courses.

How can I compete with internet sales of multi-game court products?

First, you should know that the customer who considers game court products on the internet may be the result of your distributorship having inadequate local internet presence while an ‘internet sales outlet’ does in your service area, and not because they are not interested in your services. While we recognize many Do-It-Yourselfers out there, they are still interested in paying for your personalized service. With the competitive Flex Court Pre-Designed Outdoor Court Packages and DIY Indoor Flooring Products on hand, you will always be competitive to service the ‘handyman customers’ or ‘do-it-yourself weekenders’. Most customers want it handled by a professional – you! They want you to consult them on best design of their game court to match their needs. They want it professionally installed. Some confusingly similar-looking products manufactured and sold as ‘box goods’ on the internet are typically NOT the same products that we offer. Be aware of their Shipping and Warranty Terms. Consult customers to compare ‘apples to apples’. They may look similar, but they aren’t. In fact, we go into great detail at Flex Court explaining the technical specification differences of these products. We also discuss at length how you respond to your customers’ inquiries about the product similarities if you’re asked.

Do you grant exclusive territories?

Yes we grant exclusive territories with higher MAPA requirements.







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