Superior shock-absorbing sports tiles for all levels of play

FlexCourt SoftStep™ sports tiles were designed for families with smaller children as well as players that are more recreational-minded. Featuring an abrasive-free surface texture with effective intermediate traction points, SoftStep™ sports courts are great for family-oriented, recreational fun.

flexcourt athletics softstep tileWhat performance advantages will I have with the FlexCourt SoftStep™ sports tiles?

Our SoftStep sports tiles were designed because many of our customers wanted us to create a Multi-Game surface that wasn’t as abrasive as ourProStep™ tiles but still offered many of the same shock-absorption advantages. As usual, when our customers ask for something, we listen and deliver a product that is just right for our every-day players. Here are a few of the key advantages of our SoftStep tiles:

  • Triple FleXtraction design for maximum shock absorption
  • Non-abrasive finish with traction points
  • Unique interlocking system for easy installation
  • Skate design technology for lower friction
  • All-weather performance thanks to our surface expansion technology
  • Fast draining, quick-drying tiles
  • High durability, impact stability, and rolling load ratings
  • Low heat radiation and UV color protection
  • Long-term surface appeal – covers cracks, puddles, and stains

Which sports are best played on SoftStep™ tiles?

As with our ProStep™ tiles, you can play any sport on our SoftStep™ surface tiles. However, they are a great choice for shuffleboard and roller hockey because of their low friction surfaces. Also check out our many court layouts for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, futsal, multi-game, pickleball, and more.

How easy is it to design and install a SoftStep™ tile court?

All FlexCourt tiles are easy to install. As with the ProStep™ tiles, you can usually install a court in less than a day if you are going over an existing surface. Take it on a DIY project (we send you detailed instructions on how to interlock the tiles together) or hire our team and we’ll do it for you. Take a look at how you can design, customize, and install your courts.

  • Numerous court layouts or build your own
  • Easy installation with 3/4” thick interlocking tiles
  • 18 standard colors with custom options
  • Customized layouts, logos, and graphics
  • No adhesives or anchors required
  • 16-year limited warranty
  • Minimal maintenance needed

Which colors are available for the SoftStep™ tiles?

Color Choices

  • Aqua

  • Kiwi

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Bright Red

  • Purple

  • Hartford Green

  • Rust Red

  • Forest Green

  • Royal Blue

  • Burgundy

  • Dark Blue

  • Light Blue

  • Indian Beige

  • Medium Grey

  • Graphite

  • Black

  • White

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