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RubberFlex™ rubber mat is an extremely durable, tough, non-porous, non-skid rubber mat that can withstand heavy industrial and commercial use – making it perfect for garage floors, hotels, fitness centers, home gyms, entryways, locker rooms, ski resorts, skating rinks, sports arenas, and high traffic spaces. It will resist tearing, cutting, freezing, and reduces noise levels. Ice won’t even stick to it! RubberFlex™ tiles can be permanently laid on wood, metal, tile and concrete surfaces, and are the perfect choice for slip resistance, sound absorption, and comfort.

Why should I choose RubberFlex™ rubber flooring tiles?

If you have a high traffic area that needs a long-lasting durable floor, take a close look at RubberFlex™. Although the tiles were originally manufactured for the agricultural industry, RubberFlex™ tiles are suitable for any space or traffic area that needs a non-slip, noise-reducing, low-maintenance solution. Additional benefits of a RubberFlex™ rubber floor include:

  • Wear resistant
  • Impact absorbing protection
  • Spike/cleat/skate resistant
  • Virtually seamless installation
  • Provides a removable floor surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly

What is RubberFlex™ rubber flooring made of?

RubberFlex™ flooring is a high density, molded vulcanized rubber mat made from 100% recycled tire rubber.

flexcourt athletics rubberflex underneath elliptical machines in a gym

Can I use RubberFlex™ underneath my indoor court tiles?

Absolutely. RubberFlex™ is great padding to lay beneath your indoor sports court tiles for extra padding and impact absorption.

Does RubberFlex™ flooring come in tiles or a roll?

Both actually. RubberFlex™ is available in roll form or 24” interlocking tiles. The interlocking design creates a seamless, unified look to your rubber flooring surface.

Are RubberFlex™ floors easy to install?

RubberFlex™ floors are extremely easy to install and do a DIY project. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions that walk you through the process. It typically takes less than a day to install, depending on space and existing flooring. You can also have it professionally installed.

Are RubberFlex™ floors simple to move?

The rolled rubber has to be glued down to ensure flatness but if you choose the 24” interlocking tiles no glue is required to remain flat.  These can be removed and transported if necessary.

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