Roof Mount Basketball Goals

The FlexCourt  roof-mount basketball hoop brings professional looks and great play to even the most cramped driveways! If room is limited and a freestanding in-ground system just won’t fit in your driveway than this roof-mount goal is the next best thing. This roof-mount basketball hoop and will look great atop your garage with its huge 48″ or 60″ backboard. It will satisfy the most demanding player with its reinforced backboard frame and college break-away rim.
Backboard Size:  48” and 60″
Backboard Material:  Acrylic

Portable Basketball Goals

FlexCourt is the clear choice in Portable Goals when frequent rim height adjustments are not necessary. The extension arm on our portable goals are attached to the vertical post using two heavy duty U-bolts. To transport all FlexCourt Portable Goals, simply retract the vertical post, using the post actuator located on the base unit. As the post pitches back, the goal lowers onto the transport wheel. Return the post to its vertical position for play. The goal rolls easily into any garage, giving you easy choices for your home court. A high-quality post pad covers the front of the unit. No portable goal offers the same quality court time at such an excellent value as the FlexCourt Portable Goals.
Backboard Size:  48” and 60”
Backboard Material:  Acrylic and Glass

Wall Mount Basketball Goals

The FlexCourt Wall Mount Goals are designed to allow backboard installations in tight spaces where playing area is at a premium, making the goals ideal for residential and smaller commercial installations. The FlexCourt Wall Mount structure provides quick and easy installation of a backboard on a wall with a minimal 12″ of wall-to-backboard distance. The frames can be used with ANY backboard having a standard 20″x35″ mounting brackets.*
Backboard Size:  48” and 60” Standard*
Backboard Material:  Acrylic

Pool Side Basketball Goals

The HydroShot brings premium grade basketball performance to your poolside. For those who love to hoop it up while they splash around, FlexCourt introduces the HydroShot STAINLESS  STEEL adjustable poolside basketball system. The HydroShot’s 4″ square post and dual-strut extension arm make a “tough as nails” poolside unit that will NEVER RUST!! No more flimsy, plastic models.  The HydroShot will far exceed your expectations for a poolside basketball unit.  The HydroShot comes complete with your choice of three clear, professional looking acrylic backboards and breakaway rim. To adjust the unit, simply turn the crank handle positioned for easy access from the pool deck. The unit is infinitely adjustable from regulation 10′ down to 6’6″. An easy-to-read height indicator is provided as well.  Designed for commercial water parks, the HydroShot also makes a first-class residential poolside hoop.
Backboard Size:  48”, 54″ and 60”
Backboard Material:  Acrylic

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