FlexCourt sports tiles aren’t just limited to athletic courts, the high-traction, fast-drying, non-slip surface makes it an ideal choice for around your pool, too! Added bonus, the tiles say cool even on scorching hot days, making it more comfortable to walk on, lay on and play on. Here are a few more reasons you should check out FlexCourt flooring for around your pool (your bare feet will thank you):

  • Safe, non-slip, sliver free surface
  • Drains and dry quickly thanks to perforated tile structure
  • Durable, even in extreme weather conditions – no warping, peeling or rotting
  • Special UV-inhibitors prevent fading and cracking
  • Maintenance free – stain resistant, no painting, vanishing or lacquering needed
  • Sheds dust, sand and dirt
  • Mildew and odor resistant
  • 18 colors to choose from
  • Easy to install – retrofits over existing concrete surfaces
  • 16-year limited warranty

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Can tiles be cut to go around my patio or poolside’s curves?

Absolutely. Even if you’re doing this as a DIY project you can easily cut and shape curves with your DIY tools. We can help you design your poolscape to your exact specifications and taste. As always, professional installation is also available.

How long will poolside flooring from FlexCourt last?

Our SoftStep™ offer a 16-year limited warranty, but we get reports of tiles looking new after years of use. Some FlexCourt floors last 20+ years.

What happens if I need to replace a tile?

Our tiles are extremely tough and durable, so replacing a tile isn’t often a problem. But if you happen to damage a tile, all you do is snap it out and replace the single tile. Simple as that!

How do I clean a FlexCourt poolside floor?

FlexCourt tiles are extremely low maintenance. All you have to do is break out a broom or a mop. No special cleaners required. No sanding, refinishing, or recoating needed. No sealer required.

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