Get your four-legged friends off the ground with FlexCourt outdoor tiles. Our tiles are not only made out of rugged, long-lasting, 100% synthetic materials, they are also a cleaner and dryer surface option than standard kennel floors. Check out the many advantages you and your pet will enjoy with these performance tiles:

  • Easy to Install
  • Durable
  • Protects against bacteria
  • Dig resistant
  • Portable
  • Self-Draining
  • Weatherproof
  • Affordable

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Why are FlexCourt kennel floors better than concrete pads?

In addition to being cleaner and dryer, FlexCourt kennels are just better for your pet. Think of this: a concrete kennel pad acts similar to a sponge. As liquids are introduced onto its surface, they soak deep into its pores. These damp pores in the concrete provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew and unpleasant odors. FlexCourt outdoor tiles are engineered to allow liquids to drain right through, making it easy to clean and sanitize. Our tiles also create a non-slip, sliver-free surface, so it’s safe for you and your pets.

Is it easy to move a kennel with a FlexCourt floor?

Yes! Another great reason to put a FlexCourt kennel floor in. Concrete is permanent, and can’t be moved. FlexCourt tiles can be moved in a matter of minutes, allowing you to relocate your kennel anywhere, anytime or take it with you when you move.

How do I clean a FlexCourt kennel floor?

Our outdoor tiles are self-draining. Simply hose it off and contaminants wash right through. Our tiles also have a high resistance to UV deterioration and resist the build-up of germs and bacteria, which can be harmful to your pet.

Is it easy to install a FlexCourt kennel floor?

Installation is simple and should only take a few hours, depending on the size of your kennel. You can do it as a DIY project or choose professional installation.

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