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Have a basement or large space you want to renovate? Or perhaps you are thinking about an indoor gymnasium. FlexCourt has the right product for you.Our indoor flooring options are ideal for basement renovations, creating great spaces for pickup games with friends, training centers for developing athletes, and a space you and your family can enjoy year round. As an added benefit, water or moisture won’t damage the floor. Discover more reasons to choose FlexCourt for your home.

  • 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on all outdoor tiles and IndoorChoice™ non-coated tiles, and AerobiFlex™ and RubberFlex™.
  • 16-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on IndoorPrime™ and HardwoodPrime™ tiles with UV FleXshield™

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Which FlexCourt floor should I choose from my basement or gymnasium floor?

FlexCourt has two indoor flooring options that would make for a great gym floor, our  GymFlex™ and MapleFlex™ tiles. We also have two outdoor sport tiles that can be used indoors, our ProStep™ and our SoftStep™ tiles. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you zero in on which floor is best for you:

  • GymFlex is our most popular and versatile indoor court option because it is designed with multi-use in mind and is great for playing sports on.
  • MapleFlex has the same playability as our GymFlex tiles but it looks and feels like a hardwood floor.
  • ProStep tiles are suited for more aggressive players and athletes with performance traction design and a high grip ratio.
  • SoftStep tiles are great for every player and feature a non-abrasive finish that is better for potential falls with young children.

How are GymFlex tiles to walk on?                    

Our Indoor Flooring and Outdoor Sports Tiles were engineered with the everyday family in mind. They are comfortable to walk on, well-cushioned and easy to clean. Regardless of which tile you choose, all FlexCourt tiles offer high shock absorption properties. This reduces the stress and strain on your joints as well as the risk of serious injury from falls.

What color options are available with FlexCourt?

Getting a color scheme that you like is easy with FlexCourt Modular Indoor Flooring. HardwoodPrime™ comes in 4 wood choices. IndoorChoice™ and IndoorPrime™ come in 20 standard colors.

FlexCourt Modular Indoor Mat Floor Tiles also have great color choices. AerobiFlex™ comes in 9 standard colors and RubberFlex™ comes in 8 special colors including solid black.

Outdoor Sports Tiles that can be used indoors, ProStep™ and SoftStep™ come in 16 standard colors.

Talk to us about your favorite color combinations. We can create customized designs and logos for your courts.

How do you clean and maintain GymFlex tiles?

FlexCourt tiles are extremely low maintenance. All you need for cleaning is a broom and a mop. No special cleaners or sealers are required. No sanding, refinishing, or recoating is needed. If a tile is ever damaged, it’s easy to repair. Just pop out and replace that tile!

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