Ready to turn your garage into a showroom floor or workshop?

FlexCourt RubberFlex™ Modular Indoor Mat Floor Tiles can make it happen. Easily holding the highest performance-to-price ratio in its class, tiles are extremely durable, tough, non-porous, non-skid rubber that can withstand heavy use – great for garages, workout rooms, and high traffic areas. RubberFlex™ comes in 8 special colors including solid black. These interlocking tiles are the perfect solution to make your garage the sleek space you’ve always wanted it to be. Here are a few more reasons why our floors for are the right choice for you:

  • Durable, heavy-duty tiles that are tougher than most surfaces
  • Extremely scratch and scuff resistant
  • Reduces noise
  • Retrofits over any floor
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean – saves you money
  • Virtually seamless with precise, tight connectors
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on RubberFlex™

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How do I install a RubberFlex™ Modular Indoor Mat Floor?

Installation is easy with FlexCourt RubberFlex™. You can choose to take it on as a DIY project (we’ll provide detailed instructions on how to fit the tiles together) or have it professionally installed. Either way, all tiles simply interlock together. No adhesives or anchors. They also go over any flat surface so you can simply cover your old cracked, pitted garage floor with our sleek colorful tiles and transform your space in hours!

Do RubberFlex™ Modular Indoor Mat Tiles work well in all climates?

Our RubberFlex™ tiles feature an all-weather surface. This makes it able to handle any type of weather – extreme heat, wet and rainy conditions, or snowy with below freezing temps. Our tiles also have a perforated design that allows for quick water drainage, so no ice, puddles or slippery surfaces are ever a problem.

Can a RubberFlex™ Modular Indoor Mat Floor handle grease, oil and other chemicals?

Absolutely, our solid top surface was engineered for the ultimate “car buff” to provide you with an easy-clean and seamless flooring option that protects your subfloor from grease, oil, chemicals, petroleum, and other liquids.

Will the weight of my vehicle or other heavy equipment crack the tiles?

FlexCourt tiles are extremely durable and engineered to withstand heavy use. These tiles will easily handle the weight of your vehicle or other heavy machinery you store in your garage.

Can I create a custom designed floor for my garage?

With 18 color choices to choose from, every FlexCourt RubberFlex™ Modular Indoor Mat Floor can be custom designed to your style. You can create racing stripes, checker flags, or any other design you wish. We’ll even print custom logos and designs for you. You are only limited by your own imagination.

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