Transform your backyard into endless hours of fun by adding a FlexCourt volleyball court to your outdoor game center. Family and friends alike will break out their best “bump, set, spike” when you open the courts for an evening match under the lights. Sporting the highest shock absorption and Flexion rating in the industry as well as the best TraXion surface available on the market today, our volleyball courts will help you jump higher, move faster and dig deeper than ever before. We know your game only gets better from here. Give your kids a safe place to play and keep your whole family healthy and active. You’re only a few clicks away from making your game court a volleyball crushing reality. Talk to our game court experts about building your custom volleyball court today.

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Why should I choose a FlexCourt volleyball court?

When you play on a FlexCourt volleyball court, you’ll notice a difference in how your body feels after the match. That’s because our courts use ProStep™ and SoftStep™ tiles that act as incredible shock absorbers to help reduce the wear and tear on your joints while you play. Pretty awesome, right? But that isn’t the only reason our modular sports courts are right for your backyard. Here’s a quick snapshot of some additional advantages our courts will bring to your home.

  • flex court indoor volleyball courtFast and easy installation for a DIY project (professional installation also available)
  • All-weather surface for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Quick drying and fast draining systems – no standing water or puddles
  • Cooler to play on with low heat radiation tiles
  • 16-year limited warranty
  • 18 different colors and multiple layout options

Which court layout should I choose for a volleyball court?

Putting one of our courts in your home or backyard means you’re investing in your family. That’s why FlexCourt tries to make sure our courts appeal to all the sports lovers and athletes in your home. Our volleyball courts come as standalone courts or as part of our most versatile court package available, the multi-sport game court. These courts not only give you the setup to host amazing volleyball matches, but you can also play other sports on the court, too. This includes basketball, tennis, roller hockey, paddle tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard, handball, and cross-training, and fitness. You can also choose to have your volleyball court inside your home if you have the space. From our Indoor Flooring non-coated, economy tile IndoorChoice™ to our premium performance UV FleXshield™ coated tiles, IndoorPrime™ and HardwoodPrime™.

flex court indoor volleyball court in gym

Check out our court layouts to see the many combinations we have available. Keep in mind, all of our game courts are made to order so if you don’t see a layout you want, just ask us! FlexCourt volleyball courts are available from 25×50 to any size you see fit for your home or backyard.

What’s the difference between ProStep and SoftStep tiles?

Both our ProStep and SoftStep tiles are incredibly safe to play on as each offers high FleXion and TraXion ratings. The difference between the tiles is in the surface texture. ProStep tiles have a more aggressive traXion pattern to give volleyball players superior traction while on the court. SoftStep tiles feature a non-abrasive surface that is ideal for smaller children and more serious volleyball players who want to dive and dig balls.

How many colors can I choose from on a court?

indoor volleyball flex court

FlexCourt tiles come in 18 different colors. That means you can design your volleyball court to any color combination or scheme you want for your space. We can also print custom logos or designs on your courts! Or try our Custom Court Builder!

What accessories can I purchase for my volleyball court?

FlexCourt offers a complete line of court accessories, including lighting, net systems, fencing, and more. A typical volleyball/multi-sport package for your backyard will include:

  • Reinforced Concrete Pad
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Net System
  • Single or Double Basketball Hoop System with Glass Backboard and Break Away Rim
  • Single or Multiple Light Source based on court size
  • 10’ or 20’ Rebounder System for practice
  • Fencing System, 5’ to 10’ height

Can I install a FlexCourt volleyball court go over an existing surface?

Absolutely! If you have an existing volleyball court or multi-game court that requires resurfacing, our ProStep and SoftStep tiles are easy to lay down over your existing surface because they simply interlock and snap into place.

outdoor flex court volleyball court

Can I play other sports on my volleyball court?

Our game court tiles are perfect for many recreational sports. As far as layouts though, our volleyball courts come in a standalone court layout as well as a multi-sport layout. Check out our court layouts to see all the game court options and combinations available.

How do I clean a FlexCourt volleyball court?

Let your hose do the work! All FlexCourt surfaces are made of quick draining, fast drying, interlocking tiles. That means simple, worry-free maintenance and cleaning.

Do FlexCourt volleyball courts come with a warranty?

All FlexCourt outdoor court surfaces come with a limited 16-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. But we build our products to last, too. Historically, our volleyball and multi-sport game courts have a life expectancy of 30+ years, depending on usage.

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