Could your recreational area use some makeover magic?

The problem:

A community park had a problem: It had a deteriorating, dull asphalt court. It wasn’t safe or attractive and families didn’t want to play on it. It needed a makeover.

The solution:

In less than a week, FlexCourt came in and performed an “extreme park makeover.” The first step was fixing a minor crack, and then adding vibrant color and a safe surface. We also added new games and hoops. The result has been a safe surface the community can be proud of that will last for 10-plus years.

The result:

“The court is awesome. It really dressed up a 53-year-old court. We painted the 10-foot fence that surrounds the court and I also installed LED stadium lighting for nighttime use. My son played pick-up basketball with his college buddies every week. I can’t wait for Google Earth to update their satellite pictures of the property.”
— Manager of the revitalized community park

What kind of difference is seen after a FlexCourt makeover?

On this project, we worked with the community to provide a safe and attractive recreation area. It’s no fun for a child to play on broken, cracked and dull asphalt. So if we want our children to move away from indoor electronics, it’s important to provide a safe and vibrant community park to serve families for years to come.

How can FlexCourt give your recreational area a makeover?

Whether it’s a backyard tennis court or a large commercial or municipal park with multiple playing surfaces, FlexCourt has the products and expertise to revitalize old surfaces and equipment.

Does FlexCourt design new courts?

We don’t just makeover existing recreational spaces. We design them from scratch. Talk to us about our indoor and outdoor flooring and accessories.

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