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FlexCourt has proudly worked with schools, community centers, parks & recreation centers, hotels & resorts, and sport centers across the country and throughout the world to provide reliable, long-lasting, comfortable, commercial court solutions. We revitalize local parks. We offer schools solutions that don’t require an expensive removal of their existing floors. And, we create playgrounds that draw people together. Better yet, our courts work to fight childhood obesity, are safe and ergonomic for athletes to train on, and encourage important life and social skill like teamwork, sportsmanship, a good work ethic and accountability. So, let us bring the courts, you bring the players.


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Why is FlexCourt right for our community?

Whether it’s an indoor play area for young children, a full-fledged outdoor basketball court or an indoor weightlifting gym, FlexCourt has your needs covered. Plus, our floors and courts have more FleXion and playability than any other court out there, reducing sports-related injuries while offering comfort, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Our team will help you find a solution that best meets your community’s needs and set up a plan to put it in action.

Will a FlexCourt multi-game court be worth the investment?

FlexCourt is committed to providing a quality product with superior customer service. That’s why we pride ourselves on having the best performance to price ratio out there, and a team that walks you through the entire process. Because one of our top goals as a company is to create safe courts that families, athletes, and communities can play and feel safe on, we make sure our customers can see the full value of adding a FlexCourt multi-game court to their business, church, community and more. Here are just a few reasons the rewards of having a FlexCourt system far outweigh the investment: families have a safe place to play, athletes can practice longer without injuring the back and joints, important life skills like teamwork, sportsmanship and healthy living are learned, plus it’s a great way to reduce stress and get rid of excess energy.

Does FlexCourt have any financing options?

We offer a “Lease to Own” program for churches, contractors, HOAs, fitness centers, hotels, resorts, parks, recreation centers, schools and more.

Does FlexCourt offer custom designs?

Absolutely. Our indoor and outdoor courts come in a variety of colors and game line layouts that can be customized to fit your particular needs. You can match the current aesthetic of your park or community center, and even brand logos on the court if you choose to!

Will I notice any cost savings with FlexCourt?

Maintenance costs are also far less when using a FlexCourt surface. Our premium indoor and outdoor tiles are designed to be durable, which is why we boast warranties of 16 years (outdoor tiles) and 10 years (indoor tiles). We believe in our product and are willing to stand by it. One of the major reasons FlexCourt maintenance costs remain low is because the game lines on all our surfaces remain crisp and vibrant. Most of the lines on our tiles are inlaid so they don’t need repainting on a yearly basis. You also don’t need to effectuate regular crack repair, surface patching, or court watering. Most of our customer’s maintenance is as simple as passing a leaf blower once every week or two as needed. This can save you at least 50% on yearly maintenance costs, and in many cases, much more than that.

Do I need to remove the old surface first?

Sometimes the most cost-effective way to maximize your budget is to restore your existing court surfaces. With FlexCourt, our team will guide you on how to refurbish your old, damaged and cracked courts by laying down a new court right on top. And just like that, you’ve got a brand-new court.

Are FlexCourt floors and courts noisy?

Another huge plus for schools, hotels, resorts, and community centers, FlexCourt floors and courts actually help reduce noise. They are the thickest tiles in their class after all.

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