Building Affordable Courts and Floors Around the World.

FlexCourt® has proudly worked with parks & recreation centers, training facilities and schools across the country and throughout the world to provide reliable, long-lasting, comfortable solutions. We revitalize local parks. We offer training facilities and schools solutions that don’t require an expensive removal of existing court and floor surfaces. We create playgrounds that bring people together, helping to fight childhood obesity. Our surfaces are safe and ergonomic for athletes to train on, and encourage important life and social skills like teamwork, sportsmanship, a good work ethic and accountability.

Let us bring the Outdoor courts and Indoor floors. You bring the players.

Why is FlexCourt right for our community?

Whether it’s a FlexCourt Indoor floor for children, a full-fledged FlexCourt Outdoor court for basketball or an Indoor gym floor, FlexCourt has you covered. Our surfaces have more FleXion and playability than any other court, reducing sports-related injuries while offering comfort, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Our team will help you find a solution that meets your community’s needs and set up an action plan.

Will a FlexCourt multi-game court be worth the investment?

FlexCourt is committed to providing a quality product with superior customer service. That’s why we pride ourselves on having the best performance to price ratio out there, and a team that walks you through the entire process. Because one of our top goals as a company is to create safe courts that families, athletes, and communities can play and feel safe on, we make sure our customers receive the full value of investing in a FlexCourt.

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