Faced with a court that was in poor repair, this Flex Court customer was faced with the following choices.

1 – Shut down and Demolish the courts a 3 day

2 – Demolish and Rebuild the courts, which would be 3 to 4-week

process at 2 to 3 times the cost of just the demolition.

3 – Repair the existing court and resurface with Flex Court at the same cost as demolition, and only a few days of downtime.

What went on during those few days?

Day 0 – The Before

The Cracked and worn out court

Day 1 – The Prep

Day One was spent preparing the court. This involved scraping loose materials off, cleaning filling and sealing cracks, and surface levelling as needed with a 24 hour curing time.

Day 2 – The Resurfacing

Installation of the Flex Court Surface

That was it. For less than half of what it would have cost to completely replace the courts and just 2 days, not only did they get new courts, but they managed to get a longer lasting, lower maintenance surface.

In the end, what sold them on Flex Court was the Flex Court sales and support team’s completely honest and open presentation of cost numbers and that the Flex Court all-weather, cushioned surface characteristics and appeal were better than what the customer was originally looking for.

Let’s start the build process!

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