Testimonials From Satisfied Flex Court Customers

Pickleball Court

Quote from Chris Monanteras

I can't tell you how happy I am that I now own a Flex Court pickleball court. What an addition to my home!

It is a wonderful focal point for family and friends. What at first seemed an impossible dream became a reality with the help of my very professional consultant Christie Wilson, and the affordability of Flex Court.

I love playing all racquet sports, and the multisport net system allows us to play pickleball, volleyball and badminton.

I'm on vacation at home. Thank you Flex Court

Tennis Court

Quote from Helmut Huttenmayer

We were a little unsure about the process to install a new Flex Court Tennis Court overlay on top of our existing court, but the concept and cost savings against demolishing our court seemed too good to pass up.

The live consultation we received from Flex Court head office was superb from start to finish. The whole transformation from our existing ugly cracked tennis courts to a new beautiful tennis court system was fast and every bit as straight forward as we were told. We have significantly increased play. The superior ball bounce is true.

We will be doing another set of courts in the HOA very soon and will highly recommend Flex Court Tennis Courts to anyone wanting to improve their tennis courts.

Quote from Shola Adeyemo

Thank you for the delivery of our new Flex Court Tennis Courts for 3 courts at Abuja Hilton Hotel in Lagos Nigeria.

So simple to order this overlay surface from half way around the world. The installation was easy and straight forward. The seamless design is perfect!

Our guests absolutely love playing on the Flex Court Tennis Courts. As you know, it gets very hot here in Nigeria, Africa and the cooler playing surface from Flex Court is really true. The shock absorption from the orthopedic design is fantastic.

Thanks Flex Court

Quote from Dell Pride

FLEX COURT is the tennis court of the future. An orthopedic designed modular tennis court made of proprietary space age composite materials that create a shock absorbing effect for players of all ages. There is a proven reduction of body shock up to 50%, which means twice the playing time on the tennis court.

FLEX COURT also creates a great medium pace tennis court with high bounce. The court plays like a clay court, but with sure footing of a traditional hard court. All the great benefits of playing on clay like; time to set up your ground strokes, the ability to create points with strategy, and the comfort on the joints and body while playing with full force, but none of the typical down sides like; "cost and time of maintaining a clay surface, the dirty shoes and walkways".

If you suffer from a sore back or week knees, but refuse to stop playing tennis for the love of the game, then FLEX COURT is a tennis court for YOU.

Tennis is the sport for a lifetime and FLEX COURT is the court to support YOU to play as long as you can play. Think about it, if you start taking care of your body now, how much longer will you be able to play tennis in your lifetime without career ending injuries from the shock of traditional hard courts?

As a Top Level Tennis Instructor, I am excited about the ability to train future generation tennis players on FLEX COURT who will benefit from the same advantageous surface training European players have received for year with clay courts.

Tennis has moved to a slower, high bouncing hard court surface, which unfortunately, is creating more injury than ever seen in the sport. With a FLEX COURT you can replace your time you spend on the surfaces that injure players.

As a Director of many elite Tennis Resorts, I am enjoying seeing players come back to the game of tennis for something new and exciting that will answer the question; how to play and keep my health for later years in life?

I love my FLEX COURT for teaching and playing tennis.

Quote from Stein Erikson

The FLEX COURT Tennis Court Surface is a totally fantastic court surface in every aspect of playing the game of tennis, as well as, maintaining a tennis court surface. The FLEX COURT court surface was installed 15 years ago at 6,000 feet elevation in the Rockies, simply because we needed a low-maintenance tennis court surface that would hold up against the very harsh four-season-climate here.

Never would I have dreamed about its tremendous performance. We have strong Winters, and VERY high UV sun exposure in the Summer, and NEVER had any problems with the surface. It is still like new 15 years later. Besides using a vacuum cleaner every now and then, there is the no-maintenance advantage for FLEX COURT…use a blower and then just play, play and play. We host a Tennis Tournament every year in August sponsored by Wilson Tennis. Everyone loves the court surface. We have to turn away players every year due to a full field. The surface temperature is much lower from reduced heat radiation and it is absolutely great for the legs. It plays like a clay court.

My highest recommendations to any tennis club or home court owner looking for a maintenance free court with a fantastic comfort to play on.

Quote from Dave Hart

I am extremely satisfied with the court performance of my new FLEX COURT Tennis Court installed at my home. I play with a number of friends on a regular basis and we are all 4.5 tennis players. More time is allowed to move into the ball and to set up the ground strokes. The force reduction in the FLEX COURT court makes our legs considerably "less tired" after 3 or more sets of tennis. On a rainy day, the FLEX COURT court allows for full play on a wet surface and it is completely dry in less than 30 minutes after the rain stops falling. The FLEX COURT court is very attractive with its crisp colors.

We are very pleased with our beautiful FLEX COURT Tennis Court Surface in every aspect.

Quote from Cindy Frenchman

Dear Flex Court ,

When our "gated" community's aging asphalt tennis courts became unplayable, I joined a small tennis committee to evaluate and propose a solution. As an avid tennis player, I wanted to be sure that we chose a surface that our community would like, that would be low-maintenance, forgiving and would last a long time. I found Flex Court online and their representative met with us several times to come up with a solution for our courts. My co-committee member Steve and I visited different types of courts throughout Westchester and Connecticut and played on them to make our final decision and were most impressed with the Flex Court surface.

I really did not expect to like Flex Court but was amazed by what a great surface it is. It is easy on knees, has a lively bounce and plays pretty fast. It also dries very quickly because the rain falls through the grid. They were able to patch the cracks and fill the depressions and lay the tiles right over our old courts. I was very nervous that my picky friends would find fault with our courts but no one has and they choose to play here rather than on turf courts or hard courts where they normally play.

So thank you Flex Court ; I am so glad I discovered you!

Quote from Jonathan Brodie

We just love our new Flex Court Residential Tennis Court! Since having our Flex Court tennis court installed in 2010, our family has played more tennis than we ever had before thanks to the cushioning the Flex Court surface provides. I highly recommend Flex Court to anyone who loves playing tennis!

Basketball Court

Quote from Jackie Kasabian

A court within this small space, no problem for Flex Court! We are truly thankful for the exceptional service and vision that Flex Court was able to provide during our families Make -A- Wish experience. With the ability to choose color, style, dimensions and graphics, along with various accessories, our son’s wish has become a reality. Nathan is looking forward to many years on his court, he could not be happier. Thank you Chris, Justin & Brock along with the rest of the Flex Court team. Awesome job!"

Quote from Todd Mozoki

When we moved in to our new home in Maryland it had a backyard court with an existing sport surface with absolutely no traction.

We looked at options for a new safer surface decided to go with Flex Court.

It was both a price and quality selection. The Flex Court Outdoor Basketball Court Surface traction is absolutely superb.

My kids are playing on the court as often as they can. Great way to enjoy time with family and friends and always know where your ki are.

Quote from DuBose Family

Our whole family loves the new DIY Outdoor Basketball Court by Flex Court. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to install using the Court Diagrams and Installation Instructions. The court matched the pad size instructions perfectly.

The service was outstanding and we are looking at purchasing Ball Containment from Flex court next.

Thanks again Flex Court.

Quote from Sahni Family

The Backyard basketball court we had installed in our backyard is amazing. My family has spent every night under the lights playing till all hours of the night. We truly love the look and feel of our FLEX COURT. Thank you for everything!

Quote from Lionel Gousse

We just installed our second Outdoor Basketball Court from Flex Court for our employees here at Digicel.

The superior surface traction is clearly one of the reasons we choose Flex Court. The customer service and engineering support was the other.

The fast drying surface you have really makes a difference in our tropical climate here on Haiti. It rains a lot here and the Flex Courts are always ready for play when the rain stops.

Our employees really like the all-weather courts. The FleXtreme 872F Basketball Goals are just like the arena goals.

The portable outdoor scoreboards and the shot clocks makes for such a nice addition to the courts.

Warmest Regards from the Digicel Haiti Group.

Quote from Heather Lockhart

Our new residential Flex Court Basketball Court on Cayman Islands is really cool. The contractor we used to install the court and Ball Containment went flawless. The aesthetic appeal of the colors is fantastic. The shock absorption of the Flex Court tiles are just outstanding. We are very picky on quality and you definitely meet our requirements.

Thanks again for a great product!

Quote from Dan Falotico Jr.

The FLEX COURT Backyard Court is the greatest thing that has happened to my family and me. I play basketball twice a week after work with my old college buddies. My kids use the court daily. Last winter, we converted the court to an ice rink using the clear liner FLEX COURT recommends, and with the lights on at night; our court became the talk of the town.

I can tell you that did a lot of research on FLEX COURT versus other companies like Sport Court since I am an avid sports guy. The patented features with the built-in softness and joint expansion in the FLEX COURT Tile gives it a superior performance to Sport Court and other look-a-like products in the market.

FLEX COURT has provided everything I could ask for, and more, in product quality, service and family satisfaction.


Quote from Jim Bob Duggar

We are truly enjoying every moment of our new Basketball Court by FLEX COURT. Our entire family has so much fun playing on the court.

The Duggars recently installed a full Multi-Game Court by FLEX COURT to create a backyard sports zone for their family and friends to enjoy.

Quote from Rickey Paulding

My new FLEX COURT All-Weather Basketball Court is simply awesome!

The cushion effect and traction makes this an absolute winning surface combination. I can’t stop playing.

Quote from Alisa Alexander

Everyone loves the Flex Court sports surface... in fact we have to trespass all of the neighbors that like coming to our basketball court!!

Last year since the gym was "out of order" (due to water damage of the previous floor). We didn't have to worry about it but THIS YEAR!!!

It was a great solution to go with the FLEX COURT All-Weather sport surface to avoid any future water problems in our gym.

Oh my goodness, at any given time there can be 20 big men and big boys playing basketball on that court. It is awesome.

Quote from Sam McKenzie

The new Basketball Court by FLEX COURT is fantastic! On behalf of ‘Hands On New Orleans’, I want to say thank you for your help and support to make this project a success. FLEX COURT is a great product!

Your support in helping us rebuild New Orleans means so much to thousands of people still trying to get their lives back in order. This was our first time doing a basketball court with volunteers. You did a great job working with the volunteers and really helped them to do the work

Thank you to the senior executives of Flex Court and our sponsors; MasterCard and the CEO of Travelocity who were all working on the court, it was a big hit.

Our contact from the NBA also came out to the project and saw the court. They have the All Star Game here in New Orleans, and we have projects with them in February 2008. They are very impressed with FLEX COURT.

Thank you again Flex Court! You should know that this is going to change the standards of basketball in New Orleans!

Thanks again!

Quote from Bruce Weber

I would like to thank Flex Court for all of your hard work and dedication for the "World's Biggest Basketball Practice" at Memorial Stadium on October 11, 2008.

I had seen photos of the FLEX COURT all-weather sport surface at other venues but I was even more impressed seeing it in person.

The texture of the surface was perfect, no slipping by the players, the color was brilliant and the design and set up was adjusted to fit perfectly into the area we had allowed for it.

The installation was quick, the ball bounced true, just like a regular court and our players were pleased and excited to practice on it.

I can't begin to tell you how many compliments we have received from our record setting crowd that watched our event or from the many fans who have viewed photos on line, world wide.

Again thanks for all of your help in making our event a fantastic success.

Multi-Game Court

Quote from Jay H. Silvers

I had a FLEX COURT Game Court installed in my backyard in the Summer of 2003 and have been very pleased with its performance.

I decided to go with FLEX COURT after a great deal of research and concluded that this product had several characteristics that made it far superior to what is available in the market. FLEX COURT has a ¾” high tile which is more flexible, and provides more cushion and bounce than other tile surfaces. The extra height also helps with faster drainage. Another big plus is the expansion joints the FLEX COURT company builds into their tile design so that the surface does not buckle when the temperatures increase outdoors.

The FLEX COURT installers who put down my court said they used to install other tiles and mentioned to me that on several occasions they had a great deal of problems with the Mateflex and Sport Court tiles buckling during the heat of the day.

In all, I really like the FLEX COURT Tile Product and as an educated consumer who did a great deal of research into this product before its purchase, I recommend FLEX COURT to anyone searching for a Game Court Tile Product.

Quote from Greg Kite

We are very pleased with the overall service we received throughout the entire Sales process with our Flex Court.

The most critical part, the installation, was amazing to watch. Your installation team was very professional, courteous, engaging and respectful. They also installed the court quickly and precisely. They obviously have a great process and understand how to work through unexpected situations because they have so much experience installing the courts.

We have played tennis and basketball on the FlexCourt and it definitely decreases my joint (Knee & Hip) pains. I was a baseball catcher and also had a hip replacement 7 months ago.

I highly recommend the FlexCourt Team if you are considering a new surface as it does help to reduce joint pains of wear and tear of playing and it looks great and dries fast when it rains.

Quote from The Barnhart Family

Our new Backyard Multi-Game Court from Flex Court is the best investment we made.

We purchased a complete Outdoor Court Package including Flex Court ProStep Surface, FleXtreme 672A Goal and Combo Light and Multi-Sport Net System.

The beautiful court colors, shock absorption, and outstanding surface playability are simply exceeding our expectations.

Flex Court has truly delivered a dream to our family.

Quote from Abbie Anderson

We love the new 30x60 Outdoor Multi-Game Court by Flex Court.

For anyone living in a rainy climate like here in state of Washington, I can tell you the traction on the Flex Court ProStep surface is fantastic.

The colors on the court are absolutely amazing. Truly eye popping. Installation of the new Flex Court and the Court Components was fast and simple.

Gym Floor


Dear Christie and Flex Court,

Now that we have completed the Gym Flex flooring installation at our Fitness Center, I want to let you know we are more than pleased with the finished project. Flex Court did all that you promised and more.

Your company’s customer service was simply outstanding. When there was an unforeseen challenge Flex Court Athletics stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.

We are getting very positive feedback from those residents who regularly participate in fitness classes and we know that Fitness Room flooring is a project we will not have to address again for many years.

Thanks again to you and the installer who did a fantastic job.

Quote from David Payne

Great Job on our new Multi-Gym Floor,

We are very happy with our new GYM FLEX Interlocking Floor at our church. It completely meets our expectations for our multi-purpose use.

We are amazed how fast it was installed by your Flex Court professional installation team.

We will highly recommend the GYM FLEX resilient sport floor for any facility looking for a durable and easy to maintain multi-purpose floor.

Pool & Deck

Quote from Jake Drake

My new Indoor Pool Deck turned out well beyond my expectations. It is much safer and cleaner than the old painted floor.

It also gave the whole area a fresher look. The patterns Flex Court suggested are really cool too.

Thanks again Flex Court.

Ball Hockey

Quote from Brian Schneider

We just had a FLEX COURT deck installed at our ball hockey rink in October of 2007 replacing the old Sport Court due to premature surface failure.

The people at Flex Court Athletics did a great job, and we couldn't believe how quickly it was installed. They went the extra mile for us and made surface replacement process painless.

The new FLEX COURT deck looks and feels great. The traction is outstanding compared to what we were used to! Everyone is really impressed with the new rink. Unlike our old deck, the kids would slip and slide when it got wet, not with the new FLEX COURT deck. The kids have better traction now. Everyone in the league is really happy with the new FLEX COURT deck.

The people of Flex Court are very responsive and helpful. I'm very glad we went with Flex Court Athletics.

Quote from Rob Pyznarski

On behalf of the Southwest Ball Hockey League, I wish to thank you for the outstanding surface you have installed on our outdoor rink in Alsip, IL.

We have players of all ages up to adults and everyone really likes playing on the FLEX COURT surface.

Thank you again!