Whether you’re working on your volley or blasting backhands, a FLEX COURT Tennis Court is the better choice for your home or commercial property. Your search for the perfect tennis court ends here.

FLEX COURT Tennis Courts were engineered with the help of orthopaedic surgeons to ensure that they had the best grip ratio in their class. With use of our FleXion and TraXion technologies, the ¾ in (75mm), shock absorbing, suspended surfaces offer exceptional feel and tremendous performance that will help alleviate lower back, knee and ankle pain. In fact, FLEX COURT Tennis Court surfaces are recommended over traditional, unforgiving surfaces for their built-in lateral and vertical forgiveness.

Are FLEX COURT Tennis Courts Right For Me?

Our tennis court surfaces are suited for a very wide range of tennis enthusiasts. Our surfaces follow ITF and USTA ratings as a pervious, cushioned and fast dry surface with a category 5 fast pace high-performance surface for both recreational and professional tennis players.

Furthermore, FLEX COURT Tennis Courts are an all-weather surface that drains quickly to prevent the accumulation of standing water and hazardous puddles. Our outdoor tennis courts practically maintain themselves, so nothing will be standing between you and slamming serves every day. The quick draining systems make cleaning a simple job for the hose or power washer.

What About Non-Residential Uses?

We are proud to service a wide range of tennis training facilities, recreation centers, resorts and even hotels, such as the Marriott and Hilton. Our courts are ideal for outdoors but are also perfect for indoor use under a roof or dome.

Since our courts come in 18 different colors and combinations, you can match whatever corporate branding or color scheme you currently have offering a seamless visual flow.

Do You Provide Outdoor Court Accessories?

Not only do we supply the interlocking tiles for the surface itself, we can provide you with the following equipment as well:

  • Perimeter fencing 5′ to 10′ Height
  • Steel reinforced concrete pad
  • Tennis net systems with posts
  • Lighting systems (500W-1500W based on court size

All you have to do is bring your tennis racquets and tennis balls. We’ll bring the rest! Our sales staff will help you custom build the tennis court you’ve been waiting for! Contact Us to get a free Quote!

Can I Install The Tennis Courts Myself?

Installation is as simple as saying, “Game, Set, Match!” The interlocking tiles snap into place over a concrete surface. You can install our outdoor tennis courts in a matter of hours with the help of a few friends. Professional installation is available upon request as well.

Are Your Outdoor Tennis Courts Under Warranty?

Yes! All of our outdoor court surfaces come with a 16-year warranty that will leave you worry-free. The life expectancy of a FLEX COURT Tennis Court is 25-30 years, and the cost of maintenance throughout its lifespan is significantly less than that of a traditional clay or hard court surface

What If I Already Have A Tennis Court?

If your current tennis courts are damaged, cracked or worn then you’ve come to the right place! Our FLEX COURT Pro Step tiles are ideal for retrofits. You can purchase our Pro Step tiles in bundles to cost-effectively retrofit your existing tennis court as a simple DIY project. Professional installation for retrofits is also available through a local licensed contractor.

What’s My Next Step?

Our sales representatives can guide you seamlessly through the ordering process to see which size and surface is right for you. Our court systems are perfect for both backyard tennis and commercial facilities, and with custom installation offered for every customer, you’re going to get the perfect fit for your space and budget. Get started by clicking below!

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