Futsal is one of the fastest growing recreational sports out there with pickup games taking over numerous existing volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. A variation of soccer with a mini-ball and only five players on a team, adding this sport court to your home or backyard will not only be fun for your family, it will help improve your athlete’s ball control, accuracy and agility. You’ll also get more hours of play in because our courts reduce the stress that running and quick changes in direction have on your knees, ankles and back. Talk to our sport court experts about designing a futsal or multi-sport court for your home today.

Why should I choose a Flex Court futsal court?

In futsal, players have to know how to play all positions. That means you’re constantly running, turning, jumping and changing directions throughout the game. Flex Court tiles help you stay in the game longer because our floors are engineered with tiles that were created to deliver superior grip and shock-absorbency – reducing the amount of stress your knees, ankles and back take during the game.

Here are some more advantages you’ll get by choosing a Flex Court futsal court:

  • Fast and easy installation for a DIY project (professional installation also available)
  • All-weather surface for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Quick drying and fast draining systems – no standing water or puddles
  • Cooler to play on with low heat radiation tiles
  • 16-year limited warranty
  • 18 different colors and multiple layout options

Which Flex Court should I use?

You can play futsal on both ProStep™ and SoftStep™ outdoor tiles, but the game was really created to be an indoor game. If you have the space indoors, we recommend using our GymFlex™ or MapleFlex™ performance sports tiles. All tiles offer superior traction and shock-absorbing play.

Can I play other sports on my futsal court?

Players all over the world already do! Futsal is often played on a basketball, volleyball or tennis court. While we offer a standalone futsal court layout, we recommend you look into our multi-sport court layouts as well to maximize the level and time you have to play on your courts. Check out our court layouts to see all the sport court options and combinations available. If we don’t have what you’re looking for listed, just ask us. We design custom courts for our customers, too. Our tiles also come in 18 different colors.

Can I install the futsal court myself?

Easily. Flex Court sport courts are great DIY projects. Grab a few friends or even your teenager and you can transform your home or backyard in a just a couple of hours. We’ll send you labeled tiles and instructions on how to securely interlock it all together.

What court accessories can I get from Flex Court?

Flex Court will set you up with the futsal court accessories you need including goal systems, posts, perimeter fencing and custom outdoor lighting.

How do I clean my Flex Court futsal court?

All Flex Court surfaces are made of quick draining, fast drying, interlocking tiles for easy maintenance and cleaning. Just break out your hose and spray it off. Our courts also come with a limited 16-year warranty and have a life expectancy of 20-30 year, depending on usage.

Get your Flex Court futsal court today!

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