The serious sports tile for the serious player

  • Performance Traction Design
  • High Grip Ratio
  • Maximum FleXion Rating
  • Surface Expansion Technology

The ProStep™ Sports Tile by Flex Court is the original outdoor tile with a more aggressive surface texture and designed for more aggressive players where serious injury avoidance due to slippery surfaces is paramount. It is the most popular sports tile available due to its superior traction.

ProStep™ is designed for every sport including, but not limited to, Basketball, Badminton, Multi-Game, Paddle Tennis, Pickleball, Roller Hockey

ProStep™ is the premier choice for an All-Weather Tennis Court. Ball bounce is excellent, closely resembling clay court characteristics, and the quick-drying surface offers more available playing time than hard courts in areas with frequent wet conditions. ProStep™ is available with No Maintenance Inlaid Sports Lines.

The multi-use level sports tile for every player

  • Triple FleXtraction Design
  • Non-Abrasive Finish
  • Unique Interlocking System
  • Skate Design Technology

The SoftStep™ Sports Tile by Flex Court was designed for smaller children and less aggressive players in mind. It has an abrasive-free surface texture with effective intermediate traction points. It is a great Multi-Game Court Surface with dryer weather in mind, great for a family-oriented recreation surface.

The lower friction on SoftStep™ makes this surface a preferred choice for Outdoor Inline Hockey.

SoftStep™ is also the preferred choice for Shuffleboard Courts.

Product Benefits

Both products offer the same important flexion characteristics to extend your playing time and comfort by eliminating much of the jarring impact inherent in hard surface courts. Play longer with more comfort!

Other Benefits include:

  • 3/4” thick Tiles with the highest level of shock-absorption and FleXion rating in the industry
  • Surface Expansion Technology for All-Weather athletic performance
  • Ultimate level of sports performance for basketballdeck & inline hockeytennis, volleyball and more
  • Superior coefficient of friction for undisputed BEST surface TraXion – Tested
  • High durability, impact stability and rolling load rating
  • Fast drainage and Low Heat Radiation
  • No adhesives or anchors required
  • Long-term surface appeal. Covers cracks, puddles and stains
  • Custom logos and graphics
  • U.V. protection for outdoor color performance
  • 16 standard colors with Custom options

High Flex Suspension System

The understructure of the Flex Court sports tiles generates superior shock absorption and added safety during play. The tile support structure is designed based on a proven suspension technology producing the highest FleXion rating in the industry.

Surface Expansion Technology

The Flex Court sports tiles patented locking system incorporates a Surface Expansion Technology that produces the undisputed BEST surface performance in every climate condition.

Color Choices

  • Aqua

  • Kiwi

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Bright Red

  • Purple

  • Hartford Green

  • Rust Red

  • Forest Green

  • Royal Blue

  • Burgundy

  • Dark Blue

  • Light Blue

  • Indian Beige

  • Medium Grey

  • Graphite

  • Black

  • White

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