Give your Gym the look and feel of a premium sport surface with GymFlex™ and MapleFlex™.


  • Heavy gauge finish the highest density in the market makes it stronger than any modular tile floor in its class
  • No wax finish eliminate the need to rewax and refinish the floor
  • Low maintenance cost saves you money
  • Highest performance to price ration in its class
  • Vertical and lateral forgiveness helps reduce fatigue and stress on joints
  • Retrofits over existing floors installs very quickly for less downtime


  • Same characteristics as GymFlex™ with added benefits
  • Attractive gives your gym the look and feel of a maple sport surface
  • FleXshield™ surface technology extends the life of the floor
  • Low maintenance cost saves you money
  • Durable 10-year warranty

Multi-purpose is the name of the game for gymnasiums these days, and MapleFlex™ or GymFlex™ by Flex Court® was designed with multi-use in mind. Flex Court’s indoor performance flooring options will be able to transform your home or commercial facility into a personal gym, basketball court, Volleyball court, Futsol court, Handball Court, and even inline hockey. Improved structural strength and surface rigidity provide for excellent ball return whatever the sport. Along with structural strength and resiliency, our FleXshield™ Surface technology extends the life of the floor for lower maintenance cost.

MapleFlex™ or GymFlex™ performance sport flooring tiles are easy to cut and fit in rooms of all sizes. Installation does not require messy adhesives, special tools, or extensive floor preparation. All you need is a couple common tools and installation will be a breeze.

MapleFlex™ or GymFlex™ gym floors and interior courts, installed over a 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm rubber pad immediately creates vertical forgiveness to help reduce strain on joints. Resilient flooring is the key to reducing injuries to today hard playing athletes. Through technology, we are no able to provide a wide variety of colors to choose from, with no fillers or additives. The result is a pure, solid color, through the top surface that is easy to install, clean, and maintain.

MapleFlex™ or GymFlex™ will have the playability, and feel of hardwood, without the hardwood price. In fact, as a result of space age technology, it’s more cost-effective than hardwood. Tougher, easy to repair, low cost, low maintenance, and cannot be damaged by water or moisture, it becomes the economical choice for all your multi-purpose flooring needs.

MapleFlex™ has a 5mm thick surface and GymFlex™ has a 4mm thick top surface, making it the thickest wear layers in the industry. With the addition of the FleXshield™ surface technology, it also makes it extremely scratch and scuff resistant and durable – tougher than most surfaces.

MapleFlex™ and GymFlex™ are the state-of-the-art modular sport flooring offering the same rigid feel as a wooden floor at drastically lower cost, longer life cycle, and no moisture problems.

Just some of the most common applications

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Futsal
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Inline Hockey
  • Gymnasiums
  • Aerobic Floors
  • Daycare Centers
  • Martial Arts
  • Exercise Room

Color Choices

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Bright Red

  • Purple

  • Royal Blue

  • Burgundy

  • Navy Blue

  • Light Blue

  • Beige

  • Light Grey

  • Grey

  • Black

  • White

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