Designed for comfort and safety during aerobic activities, AEROBIFLEX™ interlocking fitness tiles are the ideal flooring solution for aerobics, step aerobics, pilates, and yoga.


AEROBIFLEX™ interlocking flooring system is easy to cut and fit in rooms of all sizes. This aerobic flooring does not require messy adhesives, special tools, or extensive floor preparation. All you need to install AEROBIFLEX™ is a utility knife. Available in a variety of colors, mix and match these aerobic tiles to easily create a layout that will enhance your fitness area.


  • Large channels allow for routing of wires if needed

  • No Wax Finish (reduces visibility of marks and skid marks, and therefore, maintenance)
  • Precise Tight Connectors – Virtually Seamless
  • Reduced Noise (thickest surface in its class)
  • Retrofits over existing floors
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Highest Performance-to-Price ratio in its class

No risk of mildew or bacterial buildup. High Shock Absorption (22% resilience achieved with a 4mm rubber pad. Reduced stress and strain to joints. Reduced risk of serious injury from falls)
Versatility: Unlimited uses for dance halls, gymnasiums, aerobic studios, commercial applications, conference rooms, etc.

  • Low Installation Cost (Installed in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same with a conventional hardwood system.
  • No restriction on Footwear (running shoes, dress shoes, boots, high heels, or tap shoes are all acceptable wear)
  • Easy to Repair (only the damaged tiles need to be replaced. Tiles can be changed in a matter of seconds, at the cost of the single tiles needed to effect the repair)
  • Lowest life cycle costs (No special cleaners required, Never needs sanding, refinishing, or re-coating., No sealer required)
With the best Performance-to-Price, Don’t settle for less, enjoy one of the best aerobic floor surfaces.

Color Choices

  • Yellow

  • Forest Green

  • Terracotta

  • Blue

  • Navy Blue

  • White

  • Light Grey

  • Grey

  • Black

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