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Paddle Tennis Court

Paddle Tennis is a very popular option as a racquet sport to regulation tennis. It’s particularly popular option in crowded city locations where roof tops and parking decks are limited spaces. Our all-weather Paddle Tennis Courts can be installed in a matter of hours at any residential or commercial venue given that you have the required space.

An existing tennis courts can easily be converted into two or four Paddle Tennis Courts. It’s a great sport to teach young kids hand-eye coordination and the slower speed and reduced court size makes it a perfect outdoor activity for all ages. We support the U.S. Paddle Tennis Association

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What is Paddle Tennis?

The strokes, grips, scoring, and strategy of Paddle Tennis are the same as tennis. The server, however, is allowed only one underhand serve. In singles,the server must allow the return of serve to bounce once before rushing to the net.

The official Paddle Tennis Ball is deadened. It is a regular pressurized tennis ball that has its internal pressure reduced by being punctured (with a hypodermic needle). When the ball is dropped from a height of six feet to the court surface, the bounce should be not less than 31 inches (the height of the net), and not more than 33 inches.

How Much Space Do I Need?

The regulation court is 50 feet long by 20 feet wide. The same court is used for singles and doubles; there are no doubles alleys. It is recommended a minimum of 15 feet (4.5 m) backspace and ten feet (3 m)side space, but not required. You can often use a total of 30 feet by 64’ feet overall court size but in some instances you can go to a 30 feet by 60’ retrofit court.

Look to our Paddlemaster court if you are looking for a regulation sized paddle tennis court, or contact us for custom sizes.

How Fast Can I Install The Court?

Flexcourt’s patented interlocking tile systems snap securely into place piece-by-piece allowing for easy and fast installation. If you already have a concrete pad, you can do this with a few friends or co-workers in less than an hour, or request for professional installation in your area. We can even provide paddle tennis court accessories such as:

Can I Play Paddle Tennis On My Tennis Court?

Paddle tennis is played using a lower net and different game boundaries, however we can easily install up to 4 paddle tennis courts over an existing tennis court.

For a more personalized experience, Contact Us. A sales representative will guide you through the process effortlessly.

Are The Courts Safe And Easy To Maintain?

Our tiles were engineered with comfort in mind! Based on an orthopedic design to reduce wear and tear. This makes our paddle tennis courts an ideal choice for young, growing kids, adults and seniors.

Beyond that, our paddle tennis courts drain fast. Standing water and hazardous puddles are an annoyance of the past! The quick draining, fast drying, interlocking court surfaces allow for simple, worry-free maintenance and cleaning. Let the hose do the work.

All of our outdoor court surfaces come with a limited 16 year warranty and have a life expectancy of 20-30 years depending on usage.

Sounds Awesome! How Do I Get Started?

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