Before, During and After Court Resurfacing

Faced with a court that was in poor repair, this Flex Court customer was faced with the following choices.

1 – Shut down and Demolish the courts a 3 day

2 – Demolish and Rebuild the courts, which would be 3 to 4 week process at 2 to 3 times the cost of just the demolition.

3 – Repair the existing court and resurface with Flex Court at the same cost as demolition, and only a few days of downtime.

What went on during those few days?

Day 0 – The Before

Day 1 – The Prep

Day 2 – The Resurfacing

That was it. For less than half of what it would have cost to completely replace the courts, and just 2 days, not only did they get new courts, but they managed to get a longer lasting, lower maintenance surface that

In the end, what sold them on Flex Court was the Flex Court sales and support team’s complete honest and open presentation of cost numbers and that the Flex Court all-weather, cushioned surface characteristics and appeal were better than what the customer was originally looking for.

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Flex Court underfoot at Basketball on Bigelow

University of Pittsburgh’s Homecoming and 225th Year Celebration this weekend!
Outdoor Midnight Madness / Basketball on Bigelow
Friday, Oct. 12th at 10p.m. EST

Outdoor Midnight Madness / Basketball on Bigelow will begin at 10 p.m. ET immediately following the conclusion of the Homecoming fireworks and laser show. The Pitt men’s and women’s basketball teams will be introduced on the FLEX COURT® All-Weather Outdoor Basketball Court on Bigelow Boulevard between the Cathedral of Learning and William Pitt Union. Should inclement weather occur, the event will move indoors to the Petersen Event Center.

ESPN3 will broadcast the entirety of the event and ESPNU’s Midnight Madness special will provide live interviews and updates. Bob Picozzi (play-by-play) and Bill Raftery (analysis) will provide commentary for the broadcast.

watch espn

9:15 pm ET – Spectacular Fireworks and Laser Show at Cathedral of Learning

10:00 pm ET – Outdoor Midnight Madness/Basketball on Bigelow (ESPN3/ESPNU) – on Bigelow Boulevard

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Flex Court revitalizes Lions Park in Pontiac, Illinois!

Flex Court is proud to have worked with the Parks & Recreation members of Pontiac, IL, to have helped replace the poor sports lines and old, cracked concrete surface at Lions Park with an outdoor basketball court. Now the local residents of the area can enjoy increased comfort, better performance and a vibrant aesthetic appeal with their brand new Flex Court!

Flex Court offers a full range of outdoor surfaces for basketball, tennis and multi-game purposes as well as a full line of indoor products as well. We’d be more than happy to help you restore or refurbish your local community areas as well!

To read more about what we can offer for Parks & Recreation click here

For more information about our products and services, please contact us at (309) 852-0899 or toll-free at 1-(800) 847-4404, or complete the form on our contact page and one of our parks and recreation experts will be able to answer any of your questions

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FlexCourt Appears On Secret Millionaire!

Flex Court is proud to have helped out Steve Kaplan, a very well known author and business consultant, who was recently on ABC’s inspiring Secret Millionaire. On the show, Steve was taken to parts of Chicago he had never known and exposed himself to areas of great need. This included visits to H.O.M.E., which provides housing assistance to the elderly. Steve was also to see all the great work done by BINDonated, which collects supplies and items from offices and hotels and provides them to those in need.

Last but not least, Kaplan was able to work closely with a non-profit organization known as Kids Off The Block , which provides children a safe place to hang out after school. Thanks in large part to Steve, the boys and girls at Kids Off The Block now have their very own FlexCourt Basketball Court!

When I needed to have a first class court built right away, FlexCourt was there to make it happen. They were quick, professional and right on budget – Steve Kaplan, Secret Millionaire 2012

Everyone at Flex Court just wanted to thank Steve Kaplan for all his generous contributions to the areas of need in Chicago. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to all the hard working members at Kids Off The Block for everything they do for the children in Chicago. We hope you enjoy your new FlexCourt and we are overjoyed to have been a part of the experience.

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From the Couch to Backyard Fun

Sometimes it’s hard to believe there was a time when outdoor activities were a mainstay of the average child’s life. The ascent of the Internet, television, and video games has produced a more sedentary generation of children, which is a nice way of saying out of shape. What to do with a generation of children that is on average heaver and unhealthier than previous ones? Introduce them to fun and fitness in the comfort of their own home with a sports surface from Flex Court Athletics.

The games of youth are all in play on our customized and patented sports surfaces. From outdoor basketball courts and tennis courts to roller hockey rinks, badminton courts, and gym flooring, we’ll replace the couch with an instrument of fun for the whole family. Our durable and stylish sport flooring makes a great addition to any backyard, as well as a wonderful and easy to access incentive for kids to add exercise to their daily routine. And with studies showing that more kids than ever are either overweight or on the verge of being so, what could be more important?

Of course, the transition from potentially overweight child to healthy one can’t be accomplished overnight. It’s a step by step transition, and one that can quite literally be cushioned by Flex Court’s specially designed sport surfaces. Made from built-in Flexion, these surfaces were designed specifically to reduce stress and fatigue and to absorb impact. The end result is a reduction in injuries and soreness, allowing your child to avoid becoming discouraged and continue along the road to a healthier way of life.

It’s a fact that lifestyle habits are established at a very early age, and that includes the exercise habits we carry with us for a lifetime. What better way of nurturing a love of sports and physical activity then making those sports convenient and fun. Remote controls, joysticks, iPods, and computers have their place, but exercise and activity should always come first.

Make the games you love a permanent part of your family dynamic and a centerpiece of your home. Most of all, make a statement to your children as to how simple and fun staying in shape can be.

Contact Us Today and turn your couch into a court

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No tennis in hot weather


Sign indicating that tennis court should not be used in hot weather

This will not happen if you choose FLEX COURT for new courts or court resurfacing.

How crazy would it to build a basketball or tennis court, and then not use it when it’s hot out?

To us this would be unimaginable, but when you are dealing with a hard surface basketball or tennis court, this might be the case.

Aside from possible damage to the court from playing tennis in the heat, another thing to consider is  how hot it gets for the player. A basketball or tennis court can get quite a few degrees warmer in the heat, and that heat is felt by the players.

Flex Court surfaces do not absorb heat like asphalt and concrete courts, provide a protecting overlay on top of new and existing surfaces for better longevity, and are always ready for play.

Get Your Tennis Court today!

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Flex Court® tiles can be used as an indoor or outdoor running track

Running is a high impact activity, that can cause foot, ankle, knee, and back soreness and injury. There are several ways you can reduce the cumulative amount of shock caused by the impact of running (and other sports like tennis and basketball). One solution, of course, is simply to stop running, and this advice is frequently doled out to injured runners, however nobody likes to hear that you can no longer be active. Luckily, there are better solutions, such as adjusting your running surface and terrain, shoes, and mileage.

In a 1993 review in Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael Gross of Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Associates of Emerson, New Jersey explained, “Most overuse syndromes will respond to rest, training modification, and a change in the running surface or shoe.”

Out of all the surfaces people run on, concrete is the least forgiving and sadly, many runners put on a lot of their mileage on concrete, particularly the lunchtime running crowd.  Blacktop or asphalt, while slightly softer than concrete, are far from an ideal running surface. Shin splints and stress fractures cause by running on concrete may be prevented by running on a softer surface, such as Flex Court outdoor tiles.

An indoor Running TrackIndoor Running Track

While other factors, such as footwear and technique, can also play a role in preventing stress injuries, the running surface is just as important. If your stuck indoors, or you already have a concrete outdoor running track, you can lessen the impact and get great traction by using Flex Court outdoor tiles. They provide improved traction when running and offer maximum stress relief for all weight-bearing joints. For more information contact us today!

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10 Reasons Why Invest in a FLEX COURT® All-Weather Court

There Are many reasons to invest in an a All Weather Court, here are just 10 of them
  • ALL-WEATHER SURFACE Provides for a playable court in minutes after rain, with the best traction in the market. Even usable during winter, after removing snow.
  • NO MAINTENANCE No more resurfacing, repainting, removal of water puddles or waiting for your court to dry.
  • MAX LATERAL AND VERTICAL FLEX DESIGN The only suspended court system in the market, which provides a true 5% built-in vertical flexion for maximum stress relief on ankles, knees and legs .
  • DIN TESTED The Orthopedic Research Center of University of Stuttgart, Germany designing this surface under DIN Testing for maximum performance results.
  • THE PROS RECOMMEND IT Pros like it because it provides for a safe and user friendly multi-sports surface for all ages
  • AMA & ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS SUPPORTED Flex Court is supported by the American Medical Association and Orthopedic Surgeons as one of the healthiest and safest outdoor sports surfaces in the industry.
  • FULL EXPANSION Allows surface to expand in the summer heat without buckling, and retract in the cooler weather without widening seems. COMFORT Provides a cooler playing surface reducing heat radiation by as much as 50% vs. asphalt and concrete court surfaces.
  • APPEALING COLORS Available in 18 UV protected colors providing a beautiful court appearance for a life time experience.
  • FIFTEEN (15) YEAR WARRANTY 15 year Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects in quality and workmanship. Unmatched.

So What are you waiting for? Get Yours Today!

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Flex Court All-Weather Tennis Surface Offers Fast, Affordable Resurfacing Solution

Looking to replace your old, cracked tennis court? Instead of removing and rebuilding courts from the ground up, why not consider simply adding a new surface to your courts?
The FLEX COURT® All-Weather Tennis Surface, a Class II-rated Cushioned and Fast Dry Surface by ITF/USTA provides a quick, economical way to upgrade your tennis court.

Our tennis surface offers the highest return on investment in the new tennis surfacing market. By opting to retrofit your old court with a new surface instead of building a new court, you can save between 60 to 80 percent on improving your court. Plus, it only takes Flex Court 2-3 days to complete a double court overlay, including our special crack fill for extended life. In addition, our tennis surfaces come with these benefits:

  • All-weather surfaces. Our surface is designed to expand and contract to fit every climate condition.
  • Shock absorption. Our ¾” thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface reduces stress on joints, significantly cutting down on the risk of sports injuries.
  • Reduced maintenance. Flex Court tennis surfaces cover existing cracks and chipped surfaces.  Say goodbye to resurfacing and painting, and save up to $5000 per court per year.
  • Improved gameplay. The choice of tennis instructors, our tennis surfaces offer medium/fast ball speed, better ball bounce and no skid on lines.
  • Self-draining. – Our tennis surfaces dry within minutes of rainfall, leaving no standing puddles on the court.
  • Reduced surface temperatures. Our surfaces are much cooler than asphalt or concrete surfaces, adding to your comfort during gameplay.
  • 15-year warranty. Offering the highest performance-to-price ratio on the market, our courts are covered by an unmatched 15-year warranty with a 25-30 year life expectancy.

Here is what one of our 2011 customers is saying about our tennis surface:

Dear Flex Court,
When our “gated” community’s aging asphalt tennis courts became unplayable, I joined a small tennis committee to evaluate and propose a solution. As an avid tennis player, I wanted to be sure that we chose a surface that our community would like, that would be low-maintenance, forgiving and would last a long time. I found Flex Court online and their representative met with us several times to come up with a solution for our courts. My co-committee member Steve and I visited different types of courts throughout Westchester and Connecticut and played on them to make our final decision and were most impressed with the Flex Court surface.

I really did not expect to like Flex Court but was amazed by what a great surface it is. It is easy on knees, has a lively bounce and plays pretty fast. It also dries very quickly because the rain falls through the grid. They were able to patch the cracks and fill the depressions and lay the tiles right over our old courts. I was very nervous that my picky friends would find fault with our courts but no one has and they choose to play here rather than on turf courts or hard courts where they normally play.

So thank you Flex Court; I am so glad I discovered you!


Cindy Frenchman

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to spruce up your aging tennis court, consider Flex Court tennis surfaces. We can customize our surfaces in a wide variety of sizes, colors and logos.

Contact us today to find out more about our tennis surfaces.

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Extreme Home Makeover

We are proud to be part of the Joplin, MO rebuild!
Extreme Home Makeover Logo
Don’t miss the January, 13th, 2012 broadcast of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover where a Flex Court basketball court was installed.
A basketball court

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