Flex Court Offers Ideal Solutions for Your Pet Areas

If you keep pets, you need a space for your animals that is comfortable, sanitary and durable. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a flooring option that accommodates all your pets’ needs. Pets can destroy carpet, wood and linoleum; more robust concrete and tile can be too cold and hard. Flex Court offers a kennel flooring option that is not only sturdy and easy to keep clean, but provides your pet with place for both playing and resting

Made from synthetic materials, Flex Court’s pet surface is completely resistant to bacteria and germ build-up, keeping your animals healthy. Our pet flooring is quick-draining, keeping your pet areas dry and free of odors. Cleaning our pet tile can be as simple as hosing it down.

Flex Court pet surfaces also offer pet owners a versatility you won’t find in other common pet run surfaces. Easy to install and  move, our pet flooring can be transported as needed to accommodate your pet.

A rowdy pet can scratch and dig, which can cause all sorts of damage to certain kinds of flooring. Flex Court’s resilient kennel floors can stand up to all sorts of pet behavior without incurring any serious wear for years to come. And, for outdoor pet areas, our pet surfaces are weather resistant as well, keeping your pet run in great shape in both rain and shine.

Flex Court’s innovative technology isn’t just for sports. We also offer quality surface solutions for many areas around your home or business, including pet runs, garages, pool decks, utility rooms and much more. To find out more about our flooring, please contact a Flex Court dealer near you for a free consultation.

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  1. Shannon Cole says:

    Can This be used around litter boxes? Will it keep the litter from being dragged around the house?

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