Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Melo and Macys team up with Flex Court for Event in downtown New York

Flex Court was the highlight of the TMNT X Melo event for the reveal of Carmelo Anthony’s new clothing line. The even took place in the front of Macy’s in Downtown NYC, and the entire city block of 34th st was closed down for the event.

IMG_4009     IMG_4040

The party stared on a Custom Built stage with DJ Spinning music all event long, and the court was the center of attention with the acrobatic dunk team performing mesmerizing dunks on the court. Not to be shown up by the DJ, the Brooklyn United Marching band showed up and showed off their talent by performing on the court.

The event was capped off when Carmelo Anthony came out and talked about his new line of clothing that is exclusively at Macy’s stores. It wouldn’t be a complete event unless the Ninja Turtles were there to pump the crowd up, and they took a moment from fighting crime to be a part of the event.

IMG_4041                  IMG_4042

Flex Court® is extremely excited to have partnered with Macy’s, Nickelodeon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Carmelo Anthony to make this event a real success.

We can design and install a custom court for your event, city, park or even your backyard so you can play on the best courts in the industry.

For more information call us at 800-847-4404 or email us at sales@flexcourt.com

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Flex Court Outdoor Basketball Court main attraction at Cleveland Cavalier Fan Fest

Flex Court was the official court provider for the Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Fest and Outdoor Watch Party.  The Cleveland Cavaliers will set up the Fan Zone experience at every home game while the Cavalier’s are still competing for an NBA Championship.  The Flex Court Basketball Court was a great backdrop for the Fan Fest attractions which included Playoff Bracketball, Pop-a-Shot Basketball Hoops, Kiosk where you could compare your height, Hand Size and Shoe size against Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, and even show your support for the Cavaliers with free Face Painting or Airbrush Tattoos of the Cavs logo.  There was a Main Stage with live band and Performance and Video Screens where you could watch the game from outside the Quicken Loan Arena.

Martin Sport Production said “The Flex Court Outdoor Basketball Court was a great addition to the event and we are glad we went with Flex Court because they have the best court in the industry”

You can come play on the court and join the Cavaliers fans at every home game outside the stadium for all home game durring the playoffs.

#allin216 is the official slogan for the 2016 playoffs.


13015131_1603074913344583_2509488601775266477_n   12970815_1603080096677398_4756216993579666637_o

13029440_1603079186677489_8431791261970542931_o 12993465_1603074880011253_7103085589666113919_n

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Flex Court provides outdoor courts for S.T.O.N.G airing on NBC

Flex Court teamed up with NBC to provide flooring for their new show STRONG.  This is a competition show like no other.  Hosted by Professional Volleyball player and Fitness Expert Gabrielle Reece, ten women are teamed up with 10 of the most elite male fitness trainers in the nation to help the contestants embark on a transformative journey to reach their full potential.

In every episode, each two-person team will train together and test the limits of their abilities against challenging obstacles.  Each week one team will be eliminated, and like other weight loss shows, their transformation will be shown at the end of the episode.  The team who makes it through all the challenges will win a cash prize of $500,000.

Find out what is means to be STRONG  4/14/16 at 9/8 cst.

Strong-KeyArt-1920x1080-KO Flex Court 7Flex Court 6


“STRONG” is produced by 25/7 Productions in association with Sony Picture Television

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Flex Court Tennis Provides Court for Exhibition Event with Rafael Nadal and Victor Estrella

Flex Court International, Inc. teams up with JB Group, Inc. to provide a Flex Court Performance Tennis Court at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, in San Juan Puerto Rico for an exhibition event with #5 ranked Rafael Nadal vs. #66 ranked Victor Estrella  Burgos on March 21st 2016.

The Coliseo was transformed from bare concrete floor to a State-of-the-Art tennis complex centered around the Flex Court Tennis Court.  Flex Court provided the only modular  court surface capable of handling the high intensity match played between these very competitive players.  Rafa and Estrella played a 3 set match where Rafa prevailed over Estrella Burgos 6-4, 6-4 and won the Exhibition.


IMG_3750 IMG_3796 IMG_3781


It was a truly tremendous opportunity for Flex Court to work with JB Group, Inc to provide a Flex Court Tennis Court with the perfect play-ability that would support the caliber of play that only Rafael Nadal and the other top-ranked players could provide.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing – The Truth on Acrylic Coatings

Most Acrylic coating suppliers recommend “Resurfacing” your outdoor tennis court every 3-5 years depending on the amount of usage and environmental exposure. This resurfacing can range from a simple low cost color finish system to higher level cushioned coatings over full overlay(s).

The most common problem with outdoor tennis courts is cracking which is caused, in part, by the natural tendency to shrink as it weathers and ages. Asphalt Courts have a tendency to crack more easily due to weather exposure while Concrete Courts will crack less over longer time but they are more difficult to apply proper color systems on and therefore also more expensive to recolor.

There are a multitude of Crack Repair materials and systems for various sizes and types of cracks some lasting longer than others and therefore it is important to choose the right repair material for each court condition and geographical location. Once a court begins to develop structural cracks, there is a very good chance the existing cracks will grow in width and length and more will develop over time. Choose the Right Crack Repair System for your court.

The Truth on Acrylic Coatings is that there are a multitude of Acrylic Coating options requiring careful selection. Here is a simple snapshot:

Low Grade Acrylic Coatings – Cost range from $3,500 up to $5,000 per Court application and will last 3-5 years

High Grade Acrylic Coatings – Cost range from $6,500 up to $8,000 per Court application and will last 8-10 years

Cushioned Acrylic Coatings for Tournament Play – Cost Range from $12,500 up to $20,000 per Court application and will last 5-10 years depending on Acrylic Grade

FLEX COURT® Surface – Cost range from $22,000 up to $27,000 per Court application depending on each court crack repair requirements and will last for 25+ Years with a high grade crack repair system before new crack repair is needed, hence, remove the FLEX COURT® surface, repair cracks and re-install the FLEX COURT® surface for another 25 years use. Why does FLEX COURT® last so long? The FLEX COURT® surface contains a Composite Material selection with High Level UV Stabilizer System incorporated throughout the entire product and rated at a 1% annual color loss system as of 2013 material compositions. FLEX COURT® is a Cushioned Fast Dry Surface is Rated as Medium Fast by ITF and USTA. For more information call 800-847-4404.

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Flex Court and University of Pittsburgh Host Midnight Madness Event

Following the conclusion of the Homecoming Fireworks and Laser Show on  Friday, Oct. 12th at 10 pm ET, the Pittsburgh Panthers hosted the Outdoor Midnight Madness on Bigelow using a SOFT STEP™ All-Weather Outdoor Basketball Court by Flex Court®.

several contests and promotional activities where conducted and both the men’s and women’s basketball teams were introduced to the crowd.

The event was broadcast in its entirety on ESPN3 and ESPNU’s Midnight Madness special provided live interviews and updates.

Flex Court® is extremely excited to have partnered with the University of Pittsburgh to make this event a real success for their entire basketball program.

Flex Court®’s outdoor court tiles are currently used in a large number of academic institutions, as well as a large number of parks, training facilities, hotels and resorts. Often chosen because of it’s relatively low installation and maintenance costs, there are many other reasons to choose Flex Court.

Contact Us for more information.

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Before, During and After Court Resurfacing

Faced with a court that was in poor repair, this Flex Court customer was faced with the following choices.

1 – Shut down and Demolish the courts a 3 day

2 – Demolish and Rebuild the courts, which would be 3 to 4 week process at 2 to 3 times the cost of just the demolition.

3 – Repair the existing court and resurface with Flex Court at the same cost as demolition, and only a few days of downtime.

What went on during those few days?

Day 0 – The Before

Day 1 – The Prep

Day 2 – The Resurfacing

That was it. For less than half of what it would have cost to completely replace the courts, and just 2 days, not only did they get new courts, but they managed to get a longer lasting, lower maintenance surface that

In the end, what sold them on Flex Court was the Flex Court sales and support team’s complete honest and open presentation of cost numbers and that the Flex Court all-weather, cushioned surface characteristics and appeal were better than what the customer was originally looking for.

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Flex Court underfoot at Basketball on Bigelow

University of Pittsburgh’s Homecoming and 225th Year Celebration this weekend!
Outdoor Midnight Madness / Basketball on Bigelow
Friday, Oct. 12th at 10p.m. EST

Outdoor Midnight Madness / Basketball on Bigelow will begin at 10 p.m. ET immediately following the conclusion of the Homecoming fireworks and laser show. The Pitt men’s and women’s basketball teams will be introduced on the FLEX COURT® All-Weather Outdoor Basketball Court on Bigelow Boulevard between the Cathedral of Learning and William Pitt Union. Should inclement weather occur, the event will move indoors to the Petersen Event Center.

ESPN3 will broadcast the entirety of the event and ESPNU’s Midnight Madness special will provide live interviews and updates. Bob Picozzi (play-by-play) and Bill Raftery (analysis) will provide commentary for the broadcast.

watch espn

9:15 pm ET – Spectacular Fireworks and Laser Show at Cathedral of Learning

10:00 pm ET – Outdoor Midnight Madness/Basketball on Bigelow (ESPN3/ESPNU) – on Bigelow Boulevard

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Flex Court revitalizes Lions Park in Pontiac, Illinois!

Flex Court is proud to have worked with the Parks & Recreation members of Pontiac, IL, to have helped replace the poor sports lines and old, cracked concrete surface at Lions Park with an outdoor basketball court. Now the local residents of the area can enjoy increased comfort, better performance and a vibrant aesthetic appeal with their brand new Flex Court!

Flex Court offers a full range of outdoor surfaces for basketball, tennis and multi-game purposes as well as a full line of indoor products as well. We’d be more than happy to help you restore or refurbish your local community areas as well!

To read more about what we can offer for Parks & Recreation click here

For more information about our products and services, please contact us at (309) 852-0899 or toll-free at 1-(800) 847-4404, or complete the form on our contact page and one of our parks and recreation experts will be able to answer any of your questions

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FlexCourt Appears On Secret Millionaire!

Flex Court is proud to have helped out Steve Kaplan, a very well known author and business consultant, who was recently on ABC’s inspiring Secret Millionaire. On the show, Steve was taken to parts of Chicago he had never known and exposed himself to areas of great need. This included visits to H.O.M.E., which provides housing assistance to the elderly. Steve was also to see all the great work done by BINDonated, which collects supplies and items from offices and hotels and provides them to those in need.

Last but not least, Kaplan was able to work closely with a non-profit organization known as Kids Off The Block , which provides children a safe place to hang out after school. Thanks in large part to Steve, the boys and girls at Kids Off The Block now have their very own FlexCourt Basketball Court!

When I needed to have a first class court built right away, FlexCourt was there to make it happen. They were quick, professional and right on budget – Steve Kaplan, Secret Millionaire 2012

Everyone at Flex Court just wanted to thank Steve Kaplan for all his generous contributions to the areas of need in Chicago. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to all the hard working members at Kids Off The Block for everything they do for the children in Chicago. We hope you enjoy your new FlexCourt and we are overjoyed to have been a part of the experience.

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