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Flex Court Athletics has been servicing Hotel & Resorts for the past 3 decades transforming existing outdoor and indoor tennis courts into state-of-the art tennis facilities for their guests and special events use. Flex Court knows what the Hotel and Resort owners expect in appearance and quality to ensure guests are satisfied and keep coming back.

Flex Court has USPTA certified tennis instructors on staff who can help the Hotel and Resort tennis instructors with advise on choosing the right surface option for their clients.

Aerobics and fitness staff can offer both indoor and outdoor activities on a Flex Court sport surface.  Kids will enjoy hours of play on an outdoor basketball court by Flex Court, while business travelers can wind down after a game of paddle tennis on a Flex Court multi-game court.

Sports and recreation has become an important part of Hotel & Resort guest services.  Our high-quality tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts are guaranteed to bring appreciation and enjoyment of your Hotel & Resort soaring to new levels.  We guarantee all of our tennis courts, multi-game courts, gym flooring, or any of our sports flooring to have the finest quality surfacing – with full court construction happening at every facility in very short time!


Hotel & Resort owners understand why it is important to continuously strive to enhance the appearance of their grounds. The tennis courts are no exception! Just imagine the beauty of a Flex Court tennis court with its sharp looking colors and long lasting court surface. The tennis instructors’ choice is Flex Court to reduce heat and stress working on the courts 12/7 during the peak season.

Being an All-Weather surface means more play for your guests, and with a 16 year warranty and 25-30 year life expectancy, Flex Court is simply the best.

The Flex Court all-weather tennis court is USTA approved. Our surface follows ITF and USTA as a Class 2, Cushioned and Fast Dry with Medium ball speed, making Flex Court ideal for both recreational and tournament courts. The Flex Court surface traction is unequal to any other tennis surface on the market.
Flex Court is a proud member of USTA.

Tennis is the sport for a lifetime and Flex Court is the court to support YOU to play as long as you can play. Think about it, if you start taking care of your body now, how much longer will you be able to play tennis in your lifetime without career ending injuries from the shock of traditional hard courts? With a built in flexion designed with help of orthopedic surgeons, Flex Court incorporates the highest advancements in technology ensure a comfortable and safe playing surface. The shock absorption of the Flex Court surface protects ankles, legs, joints and lower back from significant injury.

The European influenced DIN tested Flex Court tennis surface is designed to withstand heavy use over a 2 decade period and has become the most innovative tennis court system in the world.* The performance to price ration is the very best. * As reported in the American Journal of Medicine.

Get your tennis courts resurfacing or new court done by the experts in athletic courts, Flex Court! We can upgrade a tennis court of regulation court (or any court size) dimensions in about a day's time, as well as an indoor tennis court construction with surface cover, repair and maintenance service, and lighting for night games! Contact us right now for a free quote on all of our athletic courts services.


Flex Court is also a builder of outdoor basketball courts, multi-game courts and indoor courts to meet the needs for every facility. A game of 3-on3 hoops or a couple of sets of paddle tennis is both fun and a great workout option for all your guests.  We have sport surfaces for nearly any sport needing a court, including basketball, badminton, paddle tennis, pickleball, volleyball, roller hockey, and more!

Stress-free SURFACE

Our ¾ in (75mm) shock-absorbing suspended surface reduces playing fatigue, provides better ball rebound and gives exceptional game performance.  Flex Court is medically recommended by orthopedic surgeons for its built-in lateral and vertical forgiveness.

Trouble-free SURFACE

Our court surface is virtually maintenance-free. Rain quickly drains through, removing the need for sweeping or sponging. Just wait a few minutes, jump on and start playing. Our 16-year warranty and over 25-year life expectancy gives you a trouble-free tennis court.

Retrofit Existing Court Surfaces

Tired of all the maintenance problems associated with your existing courts?  Then take a look at our court surface. Simply fill your cracks and cover your existing worn concrete or asphalt surface for a safer play and lasting beauty.

Tennis Court Resurfacing - before and After

Professional Installation available by local licensed contractor.


Get a Flex Court tennis court installed today!
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Custom Logos

All Flex Court athletic courts are available with custom logos.  Whether you wish to display your hotel and resort name or incorporate sponsors ads, custom logos are a great way to enhance your facility.

All Colors are reproduced as closely as possible and may not represent an exact color match to the tile:

Traditional Tennis Colors:

Tennis Red

Rust Red

Hartford Green

Tennis Green

Tennis Blue

Additional Color Choices:


Bright Red

Royal Blue

Medium Grey

Indian Beige




Light Blue




Tradition Matters

All Flex Court sports tiles are engineered and DIN tested from the company’s original orthopedic concept founded in Europe 1978. Whether the use is for in-home gyms or outdoor basketball courts, parks tennis courts or school gymnasium flooring, or aerobics floors to residential decking, our goal is provide you with the ultimate sports and recreation surface engineered for maximum shock absorption and grip to reduce body fatigue and prevent against injuries.  All Flex Court surfaces are designed for lowest possible maintenance in mind.

PRO STEP™ and SOFT STEP™ have a 16 year limited warranty.

2017 PRO STEP™ and SOFT STEP™ are registered trademarks of Flex Court International, Inc.