Financing Options

Flex Court offers Financing Options in a 'Lease To Own' Program.

This Financing Option is designed for Commercial Customers:

note: Any Residential Customer owning a business can qualify for this Financing Option.

Lease Process uses 15 different lenders in their portfolio to get you the lowest rates and best terms available. Interest Rates will vary based on Credit Ratings, Credit Line and Terms

The process is fast and simple!

Approval can be as low as 2hrs or as long as 72hrs, Feel free to call Richard Wilmarth toll-free 1.800.942.9830, Ext. 223. for any questions.
Any amount NOT approved of order value will require Flex Court term approval on balance.
Important NOTE for Applicants: The entire financing industry has struggled with flooring products only. Adding a Court Component such as Goal, Net System, etc., to every indoor and outdoor flooring products will make the Financing Application Process much easier, faster and with better terms. The lenders WILL approve financing for flooring only (with Installation), however there are fewer lenders available.

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