Badminton Court

Badminton courts are easily installed in both residential and commercial areas by Flex Court! We do badminton court construction of our popular backyard badminton courts and indoor badminton courts in about a day's time, so – you get the equipment, and we'll get your residential or commercial space ready for maximum play! Our installations of outdoor and indoor, custom badminton courts are catching on, so – why not call us today for a free consultation?

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Flex Court proudly offers customers:

We do residential and commercial badminton courts construction for those who want to take their love of the game to new levels. Entertain friends and family in style with one of our backyard badminton courts – which also do perfectly as indoor badminton courts – with custom construction, which integrates specially with your home interior or outdoor, backyard design. We can also have you outfitted with the latest equipment, as well.

Backyard badminton courts are only part of what we do. We do custom installation of residential and commercial sports flooring of all types, so we know best just how to give you the finest backyard badminton courts construction on the market! We strive to provide the utmost in quality, whether it's outdoor or indoor badminton courts, shoes, bags, racquets and other equipment, or any of our sports flooring.